Your Definitive Guide To Vape Pens: Part 2

We’ve already been talking about vape pens, which are quite possibly my favorite stoner invention since the diffuser downstem.

I love my pen, and I take it with me everywhere I go. If I had to go to court or somewhere like that, I would probably take it with me there too.

Maybe. Depends on how dumb and irresponsible I am feeling. There is a lot to know about vape pens, and it can be a bit overwhelming for first timers.

When I started writing this guide to vape pens, it ended up being so long I had to split it into 2 different parts.

Anyhow, here is your definitive guide to vape pens part 2!

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Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable vape pens are vape pens that do do not come with a rechargeable battery. Instead, they are tossed out after the battery has died.

They’re great for stowing in a pocket or purse, and if you have to toss it out because you’re in a sticky situation, you don’t feel bad about doing so because you spent probably 20 bucks on it tops.

How long the battery lasts, depends on how often you use it. A standard disposable vape pen lasts for 300 puffs.

That can last you weeks, possibly even a month if you don’t use it all that often.

If you’re like me and you suck on that pen the way others might chew on a pencil, then it will probably last you a good couple weeks.

vape pen

Are Vape Pens Safe?

A question that a lot of people have before they start using a vape pen is whether or not they are safe. The answer is, compared to what?

If you compare vape pens to smoking the old fashioned way via a lighter and a pipe, then yes, you could say that they are safer.

A lot of people are switching over to vape oils and getting away from smoking.

They do carry some inherent risks though. For one, pretty much all vape juice you buy at the dispensary is what is called butane hash oil, aka BHO.

BHO extraction is a rather difficult process that involves running butane oil over herb in order to get all of that wonderful THC. The whole process is very dangerous.

est Vape Pens for Noobs

As someone who is just getting started with vape pens, what is the best vape pen for you, a noob? The answer can be a number of things.

First off, you probably want a vape pen that is easy to use and does not require a lot of knowledge.

If that sounds like you, then you’ll probably want a disposable pen to start off with.

They require no maintenance and you simply throw them out when they’re done.

Of course, if you’re looking to play for keeps, you’ll probably want a cartridge vape pen.

Like disposable pens, cartridge pens are very simple to use, and the empty cartridge can be thrown out.

They require very little maintenance, and as such are perfect for noobs.

As you become more acquainted with vaping, you’ll probably want to graduate to a dab pen or a wax pen. See for example these yocan’s best pen vapes.

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