What Is The Best Temperature For My Vaporizer

Living in this age of technology can be simultaneously confusing and rewarding, and there may be no better industry that represents this than the burgeoning portable vaporizer industry.

Every week, new and exciting vape products are launched that could change the face of the entire competition.

Yet, there are still lessons to be learned and strategies to improve that can help you use any vaporizer on the market.

Each individual vaporizer is different, as are the people that use them, and you should always keep that in mind.

However, this guide should be useful when tackling that all-important vaporizer caveat: temperature.

Every vape pen ever designed requires attention to its temperature settings and usage guidelines.

The name of the game is heating up a material until it vaporizes, so temperature control can be one of the most important features on your device.

Vaporizers, no matter their shape or size, operate by heating an area–typically called a chamber–to the desired temperature.

Some use coils that are placed underneath the chamber, these are known as conduction vaporizers since they rely on conductive heat to vaporize herb.

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Wax vaporizers use a similar method to this, though the material is actually put into direct contact with a hot coil.

Others use convection, or the transfer of heat through fluids like air, to push hot air through their chambers and achieve vaporization that way.

Many new devices use both of these methods at the same time to reach new levels of efficiency.

Either way, the temperature of your material should be about the same, depending on which kind of material you use. 

That’s because desktop vaporizers are designed to reach the heat thresholds of certain chemicals without burning them.

As long as that happens, you’ve got a vaporizer. However, there is much give-and-take when it comes to finding the right temperature for your specific materials and units. Read on to find out more.

What is the best temperature for a dry herb vaporizer?

What is the best temperature for a dry herb vaporizer

There is no more popular type of vaporizer than the portable dry herb vaporizer. These are the units you have seen popularized in TV and movies for the last decade or so.

They are easy-to-use for the most part and make up the bulk of units sold every year. It is almost a necessity that these devices include a form of temperature control.

In fact, any device that doesn’t have that feature is likely not worth your time.

Even tried and true methods like preset temperature ranges are going out of style in favor of complete, single-degree temperature controls.

Fending for yourself with these vaporizers can still be overwhelming, so be sure to study up on your individual unit before calling yourself a temperature expert.

The temperature you end up using with your device is going to depend heavily on the type of material you use.

Yes, it is all dry herb, but if you have been around long enough, you will know that dry herb can vary considerably from strain to strain and from seller to seller.

That’s why we have a few tips and tricks to make the experience a little easier on you:

  • The wetter the material, the higher your temperature will need to be. Forest fires are rarely started from moist, green leaves.
  • Your temperature settings should depend heavily on your strain. A strain high in relaxing CBD will need to be heated a little higher than strains high in THC. Here’s a quick reference for vaporizer thresholds, including all your favorite chemicals:
  • CBD: 356°F
  • THC: 315°F
  • Terpenes (Ex. Linalool): 388°F
  • If you are using a vaporizer for health purposes, you might consider keeping the temperatures low, something like 290°F-340°F. This will keep the dosage small and the effect relaxing while not overwhelming.
  • Higher temperatures mean higher people, Just don’t hit combustion range (never go past 440°F). But, once you get past 390°F, you will start to fully volatize the THC in the strain. You have been warned.

What is the best temperature for a wax vaporizer?

wax vaporizer

If you guessed that controlling the temperature of a wax vaporizer would be a little different than if you were using dry herb, you’d be right.

The mechanism is similar, a battery powers hot coils that vaporize your material, but you place wax directly on those coils.

This means that the material your coil is made from comes into play, as it can affect the taste and consistency of wax vapor. That being said, actually controlling the temperature is probably a little bit easier than most dry herb vapes.

That’s because many wax pens, for example, have only the one heat setting that is powered by a single button.

Oftentimes the power of the vaporizer is determined by battery voltage rather than degree of temperature.

All of this is necessary because of the high heat that is required to vaporize wax.

Many vaporizers can actually vaporize wax and dry herb, typically with the help of a special wax insert that fits into the chamber.

In this case, you will use the same controls for wax that you would for dry herb–just at a much higher temperature.

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Although this seems fairly straightforward, there are a few things that you can do to mold the experience to your liking.

Some people like to lower their power settings to get the most flavor out of their wax.

This can be achieved at just a slightly lower level than the default setting and is fairly easy to work out.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can crank up the heat for some dab-rig-like hits (also known as a dab pen), though be careful of the extraordinary heat that is usually produced.

What is the best temperature for an oil vaporizer?

Portable oil vaporizer pens work in much the same way as many wax vaporizers.

There are a few different kinds of these vaporizers, including the familiar box mod setup.

With a box mod, you are going to set the voltage in a way that is similar to how you would vaporize nicotine mixtures.

The only way to really mess something up is by setting the voltage way too high and burning the coils.

Other than that, you are free to try out as many options as you need until you find the perfect setting for your materials and your personal preference.

If you are using a vape pen, you can simply hold the button down for a longer time to get higher temperatures.

What is the best temperature for my box mod?

Box mods can be used for a variety of different materials and therefore its options are just as varied.

Depending on the type of atomizer you have attached to it, your voltage needs can change pretty drastically.

You will have to experiment with your setup to find the perfect settings that fit your needs.

For example, dry herb atomizers will require less power to get to vaporization because of the lower temperatures required.

However, if you set the temperature too high, you can burn your materials and your atomizer.

Remember, these devices are meant for e-liquid and can reach very high temperatures to that end.

box mod

There are many reasons to use a box mod, the primary one being the level of customization that it offers.

Plus, there are some really simple ways to get the most out of the device and its somewhat confusing voltage settings. For instance:

  • Start at a low temperature and work your way up to the setting that works best for you.
  • The battery is the engine of your device. Thankfully, unlike many dry herb vaporizers, you can replace the batteries over time when they stop holding the charge you expect them to. A device with removable batteries adds years on its life just by default.
  • The resistance (or ohms) of your unit is a direct factor that determines how many volts you should use. The higher the resistance, the higher the voltage required, which means more heat is produced.

How to choose the right temperature?

As I’ve stated a few times already, there is no fast and true way to decide exactly what type of temperature you should be vaporizing at without knowing your exact rig, materials, and preferences.

But, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of whatever situation you are bringing to the table:

hoose the right temperature

Temperature Tips and Tricks

Temperature is the key to flavor. No matter what your material, vaping at a lower setting is going to produce the most flavor.
Be aware of the limitations of your unit. If you have a cheaper vaporizer, running it at top speed for long periods of time is going to lessen the life of your device.
Material is key. Even different types of the same kind of material can require other strategies. The tougher the stuff, the higher the temperature should get.
Higher temperatures produce the most vapor. If your desire is to fill the room with sweet, sweet vapor, then you should crank up the heat. Remember this is done at the cost of flavor.

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