What is the Best Soil for Growing Marijuana?

Growing any plant is usually going to take three things: water, light, and soil. Ironically, soil always seems like a prerequisite for plant growth, but it actually isn’t always a necessity.

With marijuana, hydroponic systems have flourished in recent years because they do away with soil altogether in favor of nutrient-infused water.

But, for novice growers, using soil is often the best way to go. It’s usually the gardening technique they’re most familiar with and it provides a bit of simplicity.

Indeed, trying to grow with a hydroponic system on your first go around could be a recipe for failure.

If anything else, soil is the most natural way to grow any plant seeing as how they all more or less started there.

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The importance of good quality soil cannot be overstated. It is responsible for providing the plant with all the nutrients it needs to survive.

It can also help the plant get a firm hold with its roots in the ground.

This is particularly helpful for outdoor plants that have to resist potentially harsh winds and other hazardous environmental conditions.

You could also say that the marijuana plant feels most at home in the soil. But, what kind of soil suits marijuana the best?

Of course, the answer to that question depends entirely on the stage of life that the marijuana plant is in.

At the very beginning stages of sprouting, you’re probably going to want your seeds in peat plugs or something similar.

These readymade soil blocks provide all the nutritional value that the budding seed needs as it makes its way into the world.

Of course, peat plugs might not be readily available in your location, but potting soil almost certainly is. If you can’t find peat plugs, potting soil will definitely do the trick.

Best Soil for Growing Marijuana
Best Soil for Growing Marijuana

These homes are essentially temporary for most seeds. Within about 3 to 6 weeks they will start outgrowing their temporary homes as their roots start to fill up the entire medium.

At that point, the growers will need to transplant their peat plugs or potting soil either to a bigger container or to the great outdoors.

Many growers like to mix in peat moss, local dirt, or grass mulch to make sure that the soil does not clump and provides for ample room for the roots to move around.

This also increases the nutrient value that you might find in the soil.

Other growers prefer to make their own soil. Living close to an organic farm helps in this regard.

Cow or pig excrement that’s been allowed to sit for a year makes for wonderful soil.

This is usually sold as a high-quality fertilizer and will help your plants grow with all the nutrient content they require.

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Soil for Growing Marijuana

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Even if you mix this particular fertilizer half and half with sand, it will still produce high yields and quality plants every time.

There is really nothing better than getting something as natural as that. You could also get topsoil from a local excavation company for relatively cheap.

Whatever soil you use, it’s important to understand it’s value to the growing marijuana plant. Read more about marijuana soil

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