What Is It Like To Be A Weed Smoking Nun?

If you haven’t heard about Sisters of the Valley, the weed smoking nuns, then it’s about time that you have.

Contrary to popular belief, the Sisters of the Valley are not affiliated with any religious sect.

They are made up of a collective of feminists who grow cannabis on a compound in northern California.

Who Are the Sisters?

The cannabis that they grow is strictly the non-psychoactive variety, that is CBD.

The Sisters use it in their own line of cannabis topicals and tinctures for various medical ailments.

Their most popular product is a topical that helps treat achy joints caused by arthritis. This topical by itself ends up bringing in 3,000 per day, ABC reports.

The Sisters of the Valley believe strongly in the healing power of cannabis, in particular CBD.

The main reason they grow it is because it’s strictly medicinal. Sister Kate, aka Christine Meeusen and “Matriarch in Chief”  told ABC, “It’s considered hemp because it won’t get anybody high, but it’s really marijuana.

It’s medical marijuana, but just like over the years they’ve been able to develop strains that get you super high. We’ve also developed strains that don’t get you high at all.”

sisters of the valley crops

Wait, They’re not Actually Nuns?

The group is highly political, the company having grown out of the Occupy movement of the last decade.

Sister Kate says they like to practice what she likes to call “healthy socialism.” The Sisters are strong proponents of a progressive tax system and are happy to pay their fair share.

“We believe quite frankly that America’s culture of starving the tax system is wrong, it’s morally wrong.”

This is a relief from the usual mindset of American businesses, where taxes are something to be hated and avoided whenever possible.

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Sister Kate raised her family in the Netherlands, where paying taxes is seen as necessary for the public good.

The Sisters strongly believe in advancing the feminist cause.

To paraphrase Sister Kate, “we don’t want to exclude men, we just think women should be in charge,” referring to running businesses and holding public office.

The group does not just grow weed, they partake too, though they like to smoke the stuff that actually does get you high, and they enjoy smoking a lot of it.

Though the nuns are nonreligious, they are spiritual and do take on a lot of the same vows that Catholic nuns do. Not a bad way to live your life in my opinion.

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