Weed Is About To Make Your Coffee Super Dank

Who here is a coffee drinker? I trust pretty much all of you are raising your hands, right?

I know I am enthusiastically raising both hands and practically jumping up and down.

That should tell you how much I love coffee. There’s only one thing I love more than coffee, and that would be weed of course.

Now the two are coming together to make my morning cup of coffee even better.

I’m Not Talking About Weed Coffee

When I talk about weed and coffee coming together, I’m not talking about coffee infused with weed.

There is plenty of that around now, and it would hardly be news, wouldn’t it? This is actually far more interesting.

For that we will take a look at a small coffee company in Santa Barbara, California.

Introducing Frinj Coffee…

Frinj Coffee, a small organic coffee company in based in SoCal announced in March that they would be partnering up with Front Range Biosciences, a company that grows cannabis.

Front Range is not just any cannabis company; they specialize in cultivating cannabis plants that are free from both viruses and bacteria.

They will be providing Frinj more than 3 million “rooted cuttings” as they are commonly referred to, over the next four years.

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The reason why this small coffee company is partnering with a company that grows weed is not all that surprising.

Coffee does not grow well in cooler climates, you see. I know what you’re thinking, southern California is pretty warm, and you would be right.

Compared to the rest of the US, southern California is very warm. Coffee normally grows in tropical climates such as Colombia.

The bean does not flourish well north of the equator. This could all change with the help of Front Range.

How Does Front Range do it?

Front Range began cultivating their strains of anti-viral bacteria free cannabis back in 2016.

They did it by taking samples of different cannabis plants, making sure to be diligent about selecting plants that carried no signs of bacteria or viruses. 

“You can control certain processes through hormones, like rooting or shooting or elongation,”Jon Vaught, CEO of Front Range says.“

It’s really like a manufacturing process for plants. You don’t have to deal with pests, so you don’t have to use pesticides. You control your environment.”

Some people might argue that this makes the cannabis and the coffee technically genetically modified, and they would be right.

The thing is that GMOs have not been proven to be unsafe, so really you should probably lighten up.

Controlling your environment to ensure the best possible results is not the same as creating a frankenfood that won’t ever rot, or something weird like that.

Frinj will be using these plants to produce coffee plants that are resistant to the same conditions that would normally kill coffee plants here in the US.

This has the possibility to change not just the way we grow coffee, but other foods as well. Could this even solve food insecurity?

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