Want To Smoke Weed And Get Paid? Now Is Your Chance!

I’m willing to bet that when you think of your dream job, it has something to do with traveling and smoking weed.

Is not the American dream to smoke weed and get paid? What if I told you that you could do both at the same time?

Heavy Hitters, a vape company based out of Southern California, is looking for people to be Heavy Hitters Originals.

What is an “Original”, you are probably asking. Originals are brand ambassadors aka people to be seen hitting their vapes at high profile cannabis events all over the state.

Over the years I’ve seen lots of offers to “smoke weed and get paid”, and this is definitely the best one I’ve seen. Beats another day in the office.

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Smoke Weed And Get Paid

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Are You an Original?

What does it take to be a Heavy Hitter Original?

First you have to smoke weed. You also have to love going to “dope events” and posting about your “passions” on social media.

That sounds like pretty much all of us, right? I love posting on social media, regardless if it’s about weed or not.

I’d say the higher your follower count on Instagram, the more likely you are to be selected.

To apply you have to upload a video of why you think you should be chosen to be an Original and share it on social media.

Only 20 will be chosen from a pool of 100 finalists and applications are only being accepted until the 23rd, so hurry up and apply here to smoke weed and get paid while you can!

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