Stoner Tricks Every Self Respecting Cannabis Connoisseur Should Know

You’re not a real cannabis connoisseur until you’ve mastered some neat stoner tricks. Not only do they make every stoners life a bit easier, some of these stoner tricks are pretty fun too!

Try Hotboxing in the Shower

Next time you’re hotboxing in your bathroom, why not try smoking while you’re taking a shower? Yeah, I know that sounds a little silly, but it’s actually one of the neatest stoner tricks.

That means your smoke is going to get wet and be ruined most likely. Well, no. Not as long as you know how to be careful.

Basically, don’t try to light the bowl while directly under the stream and you should be just fine.

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The best practice I’ve found is to take a sufficient amount of hits before you get into the shower, so that way you’re nice and baked as you get in and you don’t risk losing your bowl.

If you’re a pro you can even get a joint in there, as long as you know how to strategically maneuver.

Make Kief Hash Instantly

If you’ve got a collection of kief that is begging for your attention, and you’re looking for something to do with it, you can always make some kief hash!

The process that most use for making kief hash is usually pretty tedious and time consuming, but not after you try this trick that every cannabis connoisseur should know!

Next time you go to make some kief hash, try using some rolled up paper at the end of a pencil to press it. It’s so easy to do.

All you need are two pencils, some paper and some duct tape. Wrap the paper around the end of the pencil, as tight as you possibly can, then tape it with the duct tape.

Then, tap your kief into the paper. Use the other pencil to pack it as tight as you can get. Pack it hard! Et Voila! You have some kief hash! Easy peasy!

Don’t Inhale Right Away

When you first started smoking weed, you probably heard the saying “the more you cough, the more you get off.” This is actually a myth and it cannot be debunked enough.

Coughing does not get you any higher than not. So, why cough then? No one likes to cough, but luckily there are some neat stoner tricks to prevent that.

When you take a hit, don’t inhale right away. Instead, let your mouth fill with smoke and then inhale it. See if that doesn’t help?

Use Honey on a Joint!

Rolling a joint can sometimes be a pain in the ass. This is the case even for the most senior of joint rollers at times.

No one likes it when the joint canoes, or god forbid, when it doesn’t light. You can avoid these types of mishaps with one of these stoner tricks.

When you go to roll a joint, try and dab a little bit of honey on it. This will not only help it stick together, it will prevent the joint from canoeing, which everybody hates.

This is an old trick that the pros use, and trust me, it works. Make sure you don’t use too much!

Toss a Coin in the Grinder!

Grinders are great. Seriously, if you’re not using one, then you need to re-evaluate your smoking decisions in life.

Grinders not only grind up your herb to make it extra smokable, they also allow you to collect a ton of kief, that would otherwise be lost to other elements such as your hands, the table, or your rolling tray.

Now that you have a grinder, you should  try throwing a coin in there to help shake up the extra kief. Make sure you clean it first though!

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Recover Lost Bowls!

How many times have you gone to load a bowl and end up dropping it on the floor?

I know, I know, no one wants to admit that they do this. It makes you sound like a noob, right?

The truth is that this happens to the best of us. So, what do you do when you drop a bowl?

All hope is not lost! There is a way you can recover your lost bowl, with one of these neat stoner tricks.

All you have to do is put a black sock over the end of a vacuum hose, put it on low and power it on.

Your seemingly lost herb will be attached to the sock. Make sure not to smoke any lint though!

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