Start Preparing For The Outdoor Growing Season!

FINALLY! February marks the beginning of the outdoor marijuana season for those in the northern hemisphere. Are you ready? Have you picked out an acceptable location?

What strains are you planning on growing? This outdoor grow guide is intended to help with the major facets of outdoor cannabis cultivation, available on this link for free!

Start preparing for outdoor marijuana growing season

Part 1 will provide you with details on acceptable grow sites including their requirements and a few examples.

I will be providing a new chapter every other week, and your feedback, tips, and pictures would be awesome to see. We plan on compiling all this new information so that we can eventually release THE ultimate guide to growing outdoors in one volume (as a free download, of course).

Virtually everyone’s ideal outdoor season ends with a large bag of top-notch marijuana.

Outdoor Growing Season

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Every year, I have new experiences and learn new things like how nosy neighbors might get suspicious, how farmers might discover your plants in their fields, and how thieves get a kick out of stealing your crop just before harvest.

Of course, that’s all part of the process for outdoor growers. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money for impressive results.

For only 50 bucks you can end up with between 3 and 5 plants at 2 to 2.5 meters high that produce yields of around 500 grams per plant (that’s over a pound!).

Here is the first page of the free outdoor grow guide. Get your free copy here. Your first course of action should be to find an acceptable location for growing marijuana. The major things you want to look for are:


More sunlight correlates to larger plants and higher yields. If you plant in the shadows, at least make sure your plants get some sun each day.


Plants will be able to thrive in most areas, except those that are uncharacteristically dry.

Of course, if you have more water at your disposal, then the plant can absorb more nutrients. Creeks, rivers, or other nearby sources of water are ideal. Bringing in your own water is also an option.

The right amount of wind

The gentle touch of a small breeze helps develop strong root systems, but lots of wind can cause damage to the plant. Choose a location that is not too windy.

Nutrient rich soil

Nutrients are the lifeblood of marijuana plants, so try to find an area where lots of other green plants are growing. Marijuana will likely do well in that location.

Easy access

Seeing your plants at least once per month is reassuring and also important. You will be able to tell if they have incurred a bug or pest problem, lack of nutrients, water deficiency, or whatever else.

Keep it hidden

Easy access is good for you, but not for others. Try to keep thieves or potential police informants off your trail by planting your garden away from the road or other locations that people frequent. Corn, canes, and tomato plants can also camouflage the marijuana.

Obviously, perfect locations are few and far between, and you’re rarely going to find a location that fits all these criteria.

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Outdoor Growing Season

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Although an open field with lots of sunshine gives you the best chance to grow your plant efficiently, you also leave yourself open to being caught.

To give you a little help, I will talk about a few sample locations and the benefits and drawbacks of those locations. Thanks for reading and make sure to download my free outdoor grow guide.

Happy growing,


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