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SOG vs SCROG: Which is a Better Cannabis Growing Technique?

SOG vs. SCROG: Which is a Better Cannabis Growing Technique?

There can be many elements that contribute to a successful cannabis yield, including the quality of the seeds. However, one of the most common dilemmas many growers face is the type of indoor method best suited to them.

The SOG vs SCROG argument is one that varies, but ultimately must be a growing method that is productive and cost-effective, and most importantly, a process that works for you. 

SCROG vs. SOG: Understanding the Difference?

As SCROG vs SOG can be a common dilemma, especially among newcomers, the first port of call should be understanding how each method works, and the pros and cons associated with both.

The following is an overview of both growing methods, and an overview of the pros and cons associated with each approach. 

Sea of Green Marijuana Growing Method
SOG Technique

SOG: What is Sea of Grass?

The SOG growing method is an abbreviation of Sea of Green. The SOG growing method requires growers to plant small seeds within close proximity of each other. The aim of the SOG growing method is to offer the same amount of growth within a quicker time frame.

This is possible because the seeds planted do not have to be vegetated as long, and can potentially help growers yield an additional crop each year.

The SOG growing method is perfect for those with little growing room, as the proximity of the plants means all the focus is on one cola, also referred to as a bud site.

Scrog method of growing marijuana

SCROG: What is Screen of Green?

The aim of the SCROG growing method is like SOG in its goals, but the approach is different. A flat canopy is retained via a screen or mesh. This is referred to as Low Stress Training (LST).

In this instance, the seeds are left to vegetate longer, which yields bigger plants, providing a greater yield. Those with experience in cannabis growing may also use High Stress Training (HST) methods, including mainlining and super cropping.

It is common for the lower growth to be cut back, as this will not be exposed to the lights. This is another excellent way to save money while still achieving a maximum yield.

SOG vs. SCROG? Which Offers the Best Yield?

Getting the most value for seeds is an important factor among all cannabis growers. Therefore, it makes sense that those choosing between SOG and SCROG want to use the growing methods that offer the best yield.

In most cases, the SOG approach can produce a greater yield than the SCROG method, but there are many other factors to consider before choosing SOG or SCROG.

SOG vs SCROG pros and cons
Pros and Cons

What Pros and Cons Need to be Considered Regarding SOG vs. SCROG

As with many aspects of marijuana growing, there can be pros and cons associated with both SOG and SCROG growing methods. This does not mean one method is more effective than the other, but being aware of the pros and cons of both approaches ensures you can choose what works best for you.

Pros of SOG

Plants are Easier to Relocate

There can be times when the movement of plants is important, and those using the SOG method find that moving plants is easier.

Growing Marijuana In Less Time
Growing Marijuana In Less Time

Less Growing Time is Required

Although many cannabis growers will know that patience is an important skill to possess, there are times when marijuana can be grown in a quicker time frame, especially when using the SOG growing method.

Less Light is Required

Given the shorter vegetation time, less light is needed when growing, which can help reduce the costs associated with marijuana growing.

Cons of SOG

More Cost Associated with Seeds

As you will plant many cannabis seeds within a small area, more costs will be generated regarding the purchasing of seeds.

Plants Can Be Difficult to Manage

As the plants are packed together, easy access to each is not always possible. Although this is not always the case, it is a factor that needs to be considered among those wanting to achieve the best yield possible.

Legal Issues With SOG Method
Legal Issues With SOG Method

The legality of cannabis growing depends on your location. For example, there are many laws across the United States, some of which can be confusing. Although the growing of cannabis is legalized in some parts of the world, some may enforce limitations, and those growing more than the limit could face legal problems.

It can be worthwhile checking on the recent legislation regarding cannabis growing in your location to ensure there are no ramifications regarding your marijuana growing.

sog vs scrog

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Pros of SCROG

Less Money Spent on Cannabis Seeds

Since the SCROG growing method uses fewer plants than SOG, less money will need to be spent purchasing cannabis seeds.

More Yield from Fewer Plants

If you live in an area where there are limits on the number of plants that can be grown, then the SCROG growing method is perfect for those wanting to maximize their yield from fewer plants.

Cons of Scrog
Marijuana Growing Initial Stage

Cons of SCROG

More Work than SOG

Although the addition of a wire mesh may be straightforward for some, those new to growing could find that additional work a hassle.

A Poor Performing Plant Can Affect Others in the Crop

The SCROG method is an excellent way to grow cannabis in a rapid time frame, but it is important to know that one damaged plant in the crop can impact others.

More Space May Be Needed

Depending on how much cannabis you intend to grow, you could potentially need additional growing space for plants in the vegetation stage, as well as those in permanent bloom

Relocation Can Be Challenging

Many people are fortunate enough to have a growing method and environment that works for them, but there can be times when relocating the plants is a must. Unfortunately, those adopting the SCROG method will find it difficult, and in most instances impossible, to move their plant to another area.

Growing marijuana
Growing marijuana

Which Is the Best Growing Method for Autoflowers? SOG vs. SCROG

When growing cannabis, people will always have a preference regarding the seeds used. Those who have been growing marijuana for a long time will have the expertise to work with complicated strains, like photoperiods.

However, those looking for an easy way to maximize their yield will often consider autoflower seeds, and it is not difficult to understand why.

Although the early availability of cannabis seeds meant there was little choice, nowadays it is a different story. Whether you are searching for THC, CBD or even CBT, there should be little difficulty finding the right seeds.

However, those considering the combination of autoflower seeds with a growing method need to ensure that the two work well together.

Small sprouts of cannabis
Small sprouts of cannabis

SCROG is possible with autoflowers, but many find that only certain strains benefit from the method. As such, the SOG growing method is the best choice for those wanting to make the most of their autoflower seeds.

Regardless of which growing method you use, it is important to choose the right seeds. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for those wanting to compare the SOG vs SCROG growing methods, including classics like OG Kush, Blueberry and Grandaddy Purple.

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