Seed Banks That Give Free Seeds

Finding seed banks that give free seeds can be a pain, especially if you don’t know where to find them. Searching online will bring up all sorts of unrelated results. You’ll find seeds free from THC, seeds with the word ‘freeze’ in their name, and plenty more. 

But it’s always worth taking advantage of a good deal when you find it, so we wanted to create a guide that shows you where to get weed seeds for free. Specifically, we’ve narrowed down all the seed banks to 10 that we think stand out the most. 

They’re based in various locations and serve different countries and areas, but they all share one thing in common. They offer great deals involving free pot seeds.

Once you’ve read through the whole list, you’ll be able to compare each one and find the one that appeals to you the most. 

ILGM Seed Bank
ILGM Seed Bank

1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

ILGM is one of the best seed banks when it comes to free cannabis seeds. They’re based in Amsterdam, a city in the Netherlands. Their most outstanding quality is their customer service, which is frequently rated excellent by their customers. 

They don’t offer free seeds all the time, but if you buy 10 marijuana seeds from them, you’ll get 10 more for free. All of these seeds will also come with a 100% germination guarantee. You don’t have to worry about missing out, as if you’re buying at least 10 seeds, your free cannabis seeds will be added to your basket. 

Their best deals right now are these:

Seed Banks That Give Free Seeds

ILGM Seed Deals

  • Buy 10 and Get 10 Free
  • High Yield
  • High THC
  • Mix Packs
  • Grow Kits
  • Feminized & Autoflower (both)


ILGM currently ships to the US and the EU, but not to Canada or the UK. The most important thing to note about the shipping is that it’s completely free for every US state, no matter how much marijuana you’re ordering.  

Free Shipping ILGM seed bank
ILGM Shipping

Your order will be dispatched from their warehouse 2 days after they’ve received your payment, and the order will then take a further 2-10 business days to arrive. The average waiting time from dispatch is 4 days. 

ILGM also relies on their many years in the marijuana business to ensure their seeds are delivered discreetly. Nobody will know what you’ve ordered. 

Customer Service 

As we mentioned earlier, ILGM takes pride in treating their customers as well as possible, and they’ve managed to achieve that. They have an online forum where people can submit questions and get answers, as well as a range of support options. 

The forum is active and has plenty of people discussing all sorts of marijuana-related subjects from across the world. They also have a form you can submit through their website, and they guarantee a response to it within 24 hours. 

They also have a collection of guides to help you with anything you need, as well as dozens of FAQs on many common topics.

Payment Methods 

All of the prices for products on ILGM are listed in USD, but you can pay with a wide range of methods no matter where you’re located. 

ILGM Reviews
ILGM Reviews

In the US, you can pay directly to ILGM’s bank account via several options. You can do it via email, using a check, or a wire transfer. 

If you’re more concerned about privacy, then you can also pay for your marijuana in cash. They’ve not lost a single cash payment in over a year. Once you choose this method, it will take up to a fortnight to get your order, including any free pot seeds.

Photos and Reviews 

ILGM has thousands of customer reviews, and in many cases, there will be dozens on the individual product page you’re looking at. They also have an average of 9.1 out of 10 on Kiyoh, where they’ve had over 5000 reviews

Their product pages are also illustrated with photos from real-life growers, meaning you can use them to compare the final results of your seeds to ILGM’s claims. 

Seedsman Seed Bank
Seedsman Seed Bank

2. Seedsman 

If you’re looking for great seed banks that give free seeds, it certainly won’t hurt to give Seedsman a try. They’re based in Barcelona, Spain, but ship all over the world. They’ve become quite well known among growers. 

The reasons for that are they have a very large collection of strains on offer, and the prices they charge are reasonable. In terms of deals they have going on, if you spend more than $35 in their store, you can get anything up to 6 free cannabis seeds with your order. You can get autoflower, feminized, or regular seeds with your order. 

Seed Banks That Give Free Seeds
Gorilla Seed Bank

3. Gorilla Seed Bank 

Gorilla Seed Bank is another good place if you’re looking for where to get weed seeds for free. They’re based in London, UK, and will ship anywhere in the world. They have a decent selection of strains and they respond quickly to any customer questions. 

With every order you make on their website, they’ll give you one free seed with it. That may not sound like much, but if you make a lot of orders, you’ll soon find you have a lot of free seeds to use. If you pay them using Bitcoin, they’ll give you three feminized seeds for free.

MSNL Seed Bank
MSNL Seed Bank

4. Marijuana Seeds NL (MSNL) 

Despite the name, which might make you think they’re from the Netherlands, this seed bank is also based in London. They’ve been around for over 20 years, and they have a generous offer when it comes to free cannabis seeds. 

You’ll get a minimum of 5 free seeds with any order you place on their website. As you increase the amount of money you’re spending, the number of free seeds will go up. The highest number you can get is 10 free seeds. You’ll get that many if you spend $141 with them. 

Ministry Of Cannabis Seed Bank
Ministry Of Cannabis Seed Bank

5. Ministry of Cannabis 

This is a less well-known seed bank, but they’re still a respectable choice if you want free pot seeds. They were established in 2007, and are headquartered in Barcelona. Like many of the seed banks we’ve featured, they ship globally. 

Their offer for free autoflower seeds is 1-5 free seeds when you spend more than $50. They also sell CBD seeds and feminized seeds, so there will be something to suit your needs in their store. 

Their owners have also had over 15 years of experience in the marijuana industry, so you can trust them because of that. 

Pev Grow Seed Bank
Pev Grow Seed Bank

6. Pev Grow 

Pev Grow has a comprehensive website that’s packed with links and information. You can spend as much time reading there as you can shopping for marijuana. They even have their own blog. 

Most importantly though, you’ll find that you can get free autoflower seeds and free feminized seeds when you place orders through their website. They have different offers depending on how much you spend. 

You can also get free seeds as part of a prize draw, which you enter if you leave a comment on one of their product pages. That draw will allow you to win 10 autoflower seeds and 10 feminized seeds. 

Dope Seeds Seed Bank
Dope Seeds Seed Bank

7. Dope Seeds 

Dope Seeds have one limitation that’s worth noting before we share more, which is why they’re lower on our list. They can only ship to the UK and Europe because of Brexit and COVID. 

However, their offers are still solid, with more free seeds being earned the more you spend with them. You can select a mixture of seeds, autoflowering seeds, or feminized seeds. If you spend more than $340 in their online store, you’ll get a whopping 24 free cannabis seeds. 

If you spend less than $10, you’ll still get one free seed, which means you can get free seeds even if you’re not spending much. 

DCS Bank
DCS Bank

8. Discount Cannabis Seeds 

Out of all the seed banks that give free seeds, this one is the most eye-catching in terms of where it places its offer. When you visit their website, they have a big red banner at the top. It shows their latest offer, which is three Bruce Banner Feminized seeds when you spend more than $60. 

They also have an additional offer. You’ll get one free seed if you spend up to $30, 2 free seeds if you spend between $40-80, and three free seeds if you spend more than $80. They also have special promotions every month that include free seeds.

Royal Queen Seed Bank
Royal Queen Seed Bank

9. Royal Queen Seeds 

This seed bank is known for being reputable and well-established. Their website contains lots of useful information and it’s designed in a user-friendly way too. If you use the code BEFAST at their online checkout, and you’re one of the first 100 people to do so, you’ll get 5 free pot seeds.

They also promise to include some free seeds with every order you make on their website, which is good to know. You’ll get 10 free seeds if you spend at least $160 on their store, and each of these seeds will be from one of their high-quality strains. 

Seed Supreme Seed Bank
Seed Supreme Seed Bank

10. Seed Supreme 

If you’re looking for free feminized seeds, then this is a handy seed bank to keep in mind. They also send out offers to an email list if you subscribe, so you don’t even need to spend time visiting their website. 

Even if you don’t sign up to their mailing list, you’ll still receive feminized seeds for free with every single order that you make on their site. These offers will change from time to time, but currently, they offer a specific structure. 

You’ll get 2 free seeds if you spend less than $72. If you spend $72-144, you’ll get 4 free seeds. If you spend $144-216, you’ll get 6 free seeds. If you spend $216-288, you’ll get 8 free seeds. Finally, if you spend over $288, you’ll get 10 free seeds.


Now that you’ve read this guide, you don’t just know where to get weed seeds for free, you know 10 different seed banks you can choose from. That means you’ll never need to ask that question ever again. 

You can just bookmark this article and come back to it the next time you’re looking for seed banks that give free seeds. That way, it saves you having to spend ages on Google wasting your time.

However, if you’re struggling to pick a particular seed bank, then you might like to know our top recommendation. 

We believe that ILGM is the best. Their customer service, payment methods, strain selection, and free seed deals are outstanding. They’ve also been in the market for a long time and are trusted by thousands of customers. 

Click here to buy marijuana seeds from ILGM today. 

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