Orange Bud Indoor – Marijuana Strain Review

There are a lot of different fruit- and color-themed marijuana strains, and Orange Bud might be one of the most unique.

The orange aroma, flavor, and even appearance of the strain are things that make Orange Bud marijuana seeds highly valuable.

Beyond the uniqueness of the strain, you’ll find bud that provides you with an excellent and interesting high. You certainly can’t go wrong with a little Orange Bud.

Orange Bud smoking effects

Orange Bud

Of course, Orange Bud is distinguished largely by its characteristic citrus scents and flavors. When you smoke Orange Bud, it will feel like you’re in the middle of an orange orchard.

The actual, psychological effects of the strain are interesting to say the least. The high comes on strong and lasts a great while.

The sativa characteristics of the strain bring out an increased level of activity with a strong cerebral sensation.

Orange bud

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Your mood will be lifted and you may even find yourself being more creative while high on Orange Bud.

The energetic quality of this strain makes it ideal for those who still need to be productive in their day-to-day activities.

Orange Bud plant features

Orange Bud plant features

Toward the end of the plant’s life cycle, you’ll start to notice some of the characteristic orange hairs that give the strain its name.

For the most part, though, the plant will maintain much of sativa-oriented background in terms of appearance.

With light green, seven-pointed leaves and long branches, the plants tend to resemble a lot of other sativa-dominant strains. The buds themselves are tightly packed, lining the branches in great volume.

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Orange bud

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Orange Bud plants tend to get really tall (sometimes as high as 8 feet). Thus, it’s important to keep an eye on their growth and ensure that they don’t get too out of hand.

It takes about 8 to 9 weeks for the plants to flower at which point they will produce 16 ounces of bud per 10 square feet with a 21% THC level.

Feminized Orange Bud marijuana seeds can help you gain an advantage in terms of achieving female plants.

Orange Bud medicinal use

Orange Bud medicinal use

Nausea is the number one ailment that Orange Bud helps to treat. This can be beneficial for a number of different larger ailments in which nausea is just a side effect.

Distracting thoughts associated with stress or anxiety are also mitigated with the use of Orange Bud. 

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