Orange Bud Outdoor – Marijuana Strain Review

Orange Bud marijuana seeds will provide you with some interesting, citrusy plants.

Obviously, the strain gets its name from the orange aromas it produces, but that’s not all you’ll get with Orange Bud plants.

The variety is known for producing some of the most interesting highs you can find and the orange flavors certainly add to that uniqueness.

Orange Bud smoking effects

Orange Bud outdoor grow smoking effects

Again, the major taste and scent associated with Orange Bud has to be its fruity, citrusy undertones.

Everyone likes a little something extra in their smoke and Orange Bud definitely provides that.

The high itself is one that is indicative of the strain’s sativa roots. It will hit you quick and give you nice boost of cerebral energy.

Orange Bud

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It is one of several strains that actually increases activity and creativity in its users. So, you can smoke and it still be productive (if not even more productive).

It’s also a very uplifting smoke that can brighten the mood of any day.

Orange Bud plant features

Orange Bud outdoor grow plant features

Another reason that Orange Bud gets its unique name is the characteristic orange pistil you’ll start to notice during flowering.

The plant itself takes on some of its sativa tendencies with nice seven-pointed green leaves and long branches.

The buds are bright and grow along the length of the branches in droves. Many of the buds will have the unique orange, almost pinkish hairs that really set Orange Bud apart from the rest.

Orange Bud marijuana seeds will also produce rather sizable plants.

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Orange Bud

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Some Orange Buds have proven to grow in excess of 80 or 90 inches, so it might be necessary to trim some of the hedges every once in a while if you don’t want to get noticed.

It takes about 8 or 9 weeks for them to flower completely and they will be harvested in the month of October in most instances.

The yield of 16 ounces per plant is somewhat limited, but the 21% level of THC more than makes up for it.

Feminized seeds are available if you want to improve the chances of getting female plants.

Orange Bud medicinal uses

Orange Bud outdoor grow medicinal use

Many people use Orange Bud as a way to relieve nausea associated with other ailments.

Many chemotherapy patients have used Orange Bud to lessen the intensity of the procedures.

Orange Bud is also good at mitigating the effects of anxiety and depression and any of the obsessive, wandering thoughts that those two disorders come with. 

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