Northern Lights Outdoor – Marijuana Strain Review

Everyone who has had any experience with marijuana likely knows about the strain Northern Lights.

It is one of the most crossed strains and its genes appear in many different marijuana varieties.

Of course, they say there’s nothing quite as good as the original and Northern Lights marijuana seeds can provide you with that.

Over the years, Northern Lights has been the recipient of many different awards recognizing its greatness. It’s also one of the easiest strains for beginners to grow.

Northern Lights smoking effects

Northern Lights outdoor grown smoking effects

If you’ve ever smoked weed, it’s likely that you have either tried this strain or a strain that it’s crossed with.

Northern Lights itself has a distinctive high that growers and users have lauded since its inception. It is incredibly strong and focused largely on the body.

You’ll feel a distinct sense of euphoria mixed with preeminent relaxation that’s really hard to duplicate anywhere else.

Northern Lights

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Many people love the way Northern Lights can deaden your senses and make you feel lazy again.

Northern Lights has a confluence of different flavors ranging from sweet to spicy, but it will be enticing either way.

Northern Lights plant features

Northern Lights outdoor grown plant features

The plant itself is very broad and not big in the traditional sense.

The leaves are dark green and very wide which is indicative of its indica background.

It’s an easy plant to hide because it tends to stay low to the ground, only rising to 60 inches in extreme cases.

For the most part, the plant will stay around the 40-inch level and produce nice, resin-covered flowers by harvest time.

Flowering itself takes about 9 to 11 weeks, but you can find autoflowering (as well as feminized) Northern Lights marijuana seeds.

Harvest generally occurs in October, at which point you can expect to get 18 ounces of usable weed per plant.

The THC levels are steady at 18% so that you can achieve those relaxing highs every time.

Northern Lights medicinal use

Northern Lights outdoor grown medical

The popularity of Northern Lights has led to it being studied by several medical professionals.

Insomnia and stress are two of the most common reasons for using Northern Lights in a medicinal fashion.

It is the deep, relaxing body buzz that allows it to be beneficial for those two ailments.

The intensive study into Northern Lights has also shown that it’s beneficial for use in treating radiculopathy, a nerve disease located in the spine.

There may be plenty of other benefits to Northern Lights that we are just not aware of. Read more about outdoor Northern Lights marijuana seeds or one of our other strains.

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