Is Weed The Best Industry For Women?

The cannabis industry is booming and we could not be happier! People from all over are getting in on the party, especially women.

More and more women are taking charge in the world of legal weed and we think that this is just awesome.

Is the cannabis industry the best industry for women?

Lady Stoners are Having Their Day in the Sun

For the longest time the archetypical stoner was a dude.

Think of all of your favorite stoner classic stoner comedies or stoner duos, such as Cheech and Chong, or the cast of most movies in the Judd Apatow repertoire. What do they all have in common? They’re all dudes!

Now that is all changing. Women are smoking as much, if not more weed than their counterparts.

Cannabis products for women, by women are starting to fill dispensary shelves and populate the online cannabis market.

One of the most popular tv shows on the air is Broad City, a show about two young women living in NYC, who love smoking herb.

It’s safe to say that women stoners are having their day. We’re taking over!

The Cannabis Industry is Still New

The legal cannabis industry hasn’t been around all that long (not even a decade), so naturally it’s not as ingrained in the “old ways” when it comes to doing business, that is to say sexist as hell.

Unlike other more well established industries like alcohol, tobacco, even fashion., the cannabis industry hasn’t been around long enough to be declared an old boys club yet.

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As Such, Women Are Taking Charge

As such, women are flocking to the industry and completely taking over. Just look at the success of marijuana moguls such as Jane West and Women Grow.

Look at women like Charlo Greene who quit her job to start a weed company up in Alaska.

Even famous celeb stoners like Whoopi Goldberg and Melissa Etheridge have joined the party.  

There is no question that right now, that these women are the queens of the cannabis industry.

So is This the Best Industry for Women?

So, is the cannabis industry the best industry for women to get involved with? Is this where we ladies will finally find our home? Perhaps. Things aren’t perfect.

For instance, the industry still relies heavily on using sex to sell its products, when it really shouldn’t have to. Shouldn’t cannabis be able to sell itself on its merits?

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Though there are a lot of canna-companies being ran by women, they are still largely ran by men.

Still, with the cannabis industry set to become perhaps the biggest industry in the world, there’s no question that more and more women will continue to flock to it.

Maybe weed is not the best industry for women yet, but we can sure make it that way.

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