Is It Actually Possible To Cheat A Drug Test?

Today, I will be covering a topic that I’m sure every one of you has had to deal with at some point: is it possible to cheat a drug test?

The answer is a lot more complicated than a simple yes or no. There are many things to consider. First there is the type of drug test you’re taking.

If it’s a standard urinalysis test (UA), the answer is yes, but it’s difficult to do and you’re better off not trying.

If you’re taking a saliva test, yes those are easy to beat. If you’re taking a hair test, there’s absolutely no way you’re beating that unless you want to cut off your hair.

Before we go any further, this is meant to be for entertainment purposes only. I am not advocating that you cheat on your drug test.

It’s extremely stressful (especially if you get caught) and not worth it in my opinion. That being said, we’ll move on.

I’ve Taken A Lot of Drug Tests

I’m pretty experienced when it comes to taking drug tests. I’ve taken quite a few pre-employment drug tests, I’ve been on probation, and I worked at a place that randomly drug tested.

If you’re on probation, I do not recommend trying to cheat a drug test; the consequences of getting caught are not worth getting away with taking a few puffs once a month.

Your goal should be to get off of probation, and getting caught trying to cheat a drug test is going to get your ass thrown in jail.

Also, they look for that. They test your pee for dilution and substances that can be used to mask results.

I used to beat them by using niacin, which they weren’t testing for yet (this was a decade ago, so they’ve probably wised up).

Cheat A Drug Test

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Though this does work, you have to take a lot of niacin and that can be dangerous. If you’re trying to cheat a drug test to get a job, this is a bit easier because they don’t watch you and if you fail you don’t get thrown in jail.

Your best bet here is a cleanse. A couple days prior to taking your test, get a good cleansing kit from a place like GNC or Whole Foods.

Make sure that your calendar is cleared out because you’re going to be chained to your toilet (hey, I didn’t say that this was going to be fun).

This was the most effective method for me, but there are other methods that work. I also had good results with taking Goldenseal, but be warned, it tastes nasty.

Exercise and drinking tons of water in the days leading up to the test is your best bet if you don’t want to do a cleanse.

There is One Big Mistake That People Make When Trying to Cheat on a Drug Test…

The biggest mistake that people make when trying to cheat a drug test is thinking that they can continue smoking up until a couple days before taking the test, quit, then exercise and drink tons of water in the next couple days.

That is not going to work my friends. If you want to successfully cheat a drug test, you want to quit a week in advance, or a week and a half if you’re a heavy user.

Your system needs time to lower the levels of THC in your body, and the lower the amount of THC in your system, the easier it is for your body to flush it out. UAs are difficult to cheat; it can be done, but you’re better off just being honest.

Cheat A Drug Test

Saliva tests are another story. I worked at a company that wanted to randomly drug test their employees frequently, but they were too cheap to fork over the money for even the cheap dip tests. So saliva tests it was.

Those are so easy to beat, you can smoke an hour before taking a saliva test (which I did) and still pass. All you need to do is swish water around in your mouth for a couple minutes prior to taking the test.

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Cheat A Drug Test

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Obviously you will not want to walk in to take your test with a mouthful of water, so make sure that you swallow all but say half a tablespoon of water.

When they hand you the swab, make sure that it comes in contact with the water in your mouth. You’re guaranteed to pass.

So there you have it. You can cheat a drug test, but it’s very difficult to do in most cases, so you’re better off just quitting smoking for a bit.

You probably needed a tolerance break anyway, right?

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