Install The Marijuana Ventilation System

The ventilation system brings fresh air into the marijuana room and takes the warm air out.

If the indoor marijuana garden is in a cupboard

  • The cupboard should be close to a window or exhaust pipe. This ensures you won’t be working with very long tubes through the house.
  • Measure the size of the exhaust pipe and mark the places where you decide to place the air outlet (top) and are intake (bottom) before you start sawing (easiest with a jigsaw).
  • When you have installed the intake fan make sure there are no leaks. If there are leaks, however, fill them up with silicones.
Marijuana Ventilation System

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Then connect it to a window (or another spot that has open access to outside) with a tube. Do the same for the outlet fan but don’t let the outside-ends be too close to each other.

  • Cover up the exhaust system so no one notices it’s there.

How to cover it up?

  • Camouflage the fan with plants
  • Cover the windows with non-transparent plastic and make sure it doesn’t look suspicious from outside
  • Apply all fixtures with silicones (so the vibrations of the system cannot be heard).
  • Consult the manual of an outlet fan in the shop. Good brands always mention the noise of a ventilator.
  • Mount the ventilators preferably on ball bearings because these are of better quality, they are quieter and sturdier.

Besides light, water, temperature and fertilizers the genetics of the marijuana seeds are very important. Bad genetics can never produce high quality marijuana.

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Marijuana Ventilation System

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