Indoor Grow Featuring Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Jack Herer

Can you grow seeds from the Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer strains at the same time? This grow journal chronicles a grower’s to cultivate those two strains at once!

The Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana strain is different from the less potent Girl Scout Cookies strain. It has a high THC content making it a good source for extremely cerebral experiences. This type of cannabis is preferred by chronic pain sufferers.

GSC Extreme plants are medium in height with strong and sturdy branches which makes it an appropriate choice for both indoor and outdoor grows. When cultivated in cooler climates, their buds will have purple color and will be quite dense with crystals.

GSC is also quite resilient against pests, molds, and other infestations. Because of this, even beginners will find it’s fairly easy to grow.

The flowering phase of GSC takes about 70 days. It has a high yield (10 ounces per plant in outdoor grow) with high levels of THC. To successfully cultivate GSC, just remember it loves warm, Mediterranean climates.

The Jack Herer strain is dominantly sativa which provides a well-rounded euphoria. IT has been bred primarily as a medical cannabis strain because it provides users with happy, soothing feelings which help patients with various mental and physical ailments. It creates a strong body buzz along with a cerebral high.

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Jack Herer cannabis is often referred to as “a grower’s dream.” They flower quickly and yield high quantities high-quality buds which are resistant to many diseases common to cannabis.

Cultivating Jack Herer can be done both indoors and outdoors. JH has a relatively short flowering period of between 8 and 10 weeks. It yields 18 ounces of usable cannabis per square meter. Like the GSC, this plant also loves a dry Mediterranean climate.

Luckily, this preference for a similar climate means they can be grown together in one grow tent! And THAT is exactly what this grow journal set to accomplish.

here are some photos of the grow room being built:

So far the setup is a 10 x 10 x 8 ft. grow room built out of PVC pipe, panda film, and a lot of tape! The room is divided into two 5 x 5 rooms and one 5 x 1 room.

Light is provided by a T5 HO 4ft. single bulb 6500K. These plants will start out in organic seedling soil in small 4-inch pots. The nutes which will be used is Nectar for the Gods nutrients.

Grower: Stoney_Burgs
Yield: 17.15 ounces (dried)
Location: NA

August 3rd

The seeds arrived! 4 Jack Herer and 4 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme go into cups of water to jumpstart their germination.

August 4th

After 24 hours, JH #1 and 2, and GSC Extreme #1 had cracked. All 8 seeds were still placed in separate pots about ¼ inch deep in a room with a stable temperature of 72 degrees F.

August 5th

No sprouts yet but the soils were lightly sprayed with water.

August 6th

JH #1 and 2, and GSC Extreme #2 have sprouted up and they were rewarded with a light spray of water. Temperature is stable at 74 degrees F.

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August 7th

JH #4 and GSC Extreme #3 have popped up from the soil too. Temperature raised to 82 degrees F so a fan was put inside the room. The plants also received a light spray of water to prevent heat stress.

August 8th

GSC Extreme #4 sprouted today. Meanwhile JH #1 and 2, and GSC Extreme #2 seem to have stretched a bit so all of them were finally started on the 18/6 light cycle.

August 9th

JH #1, 2, 4, and GSC Extreme #2, 3, and 4 started to grow their first few sets of leaves. JH #3 and GSC Extreme #1 have not sprouted yet.

August 11th

The other two plants still did not germinate so they were discarded. Today will be the first real watering. They will receive tap water with pH 5.8, 137 PPM, pH 6.2. Temperature is 75 degrees F and humidity is 50%.

JH #1 and 2, GSC Extreme #2 and 3 are starting to grow their second set of leaves.

Training started for the stems that had bad stretch and light bending.

August 12th

The training continued for the plants with the bad stretch. No water today but they were measured instead. Here are their current heights:

  • JH #1 – 3.25 inches
  • JH #2 – 3 inches
  • JH #4 – 2.25 inchesfeature image
  • GSC Extreme # 2 – 3.25 inches
  • GSC Extreme #3 – 3 inches
  • GSC Extreme #4 – 1.75 inches

October 25th

SCROG is going well and the plants are starting to benefit from it. Several tops are finally shooting up but because there are too many plants under the SCROG, they don’t have much room to be pinned under especially because they’re in 3-gallon pots.

They’ll go into flower in a couple of weeks

November 19th

Forgive the pro-slacking on giving updates but here are some photos of the plants on the 5th day of flower.

November 22nd

Today ends the first week in flower and the stretch is now on! Here’s some eye candy for you.

These two photos should show you high above the SCROG the canopy is.

Here’s a view under the SCROG.

After getting the temperatures down from the last update, the plants are now enjoying 62 degrees F at night and 70 to 744 degrees F when light is on at 40% humidity.

November 28th

Today marks the end of Week 2. All looks good and the buds are forming!

December 6th

The end of their 3rd week is marked by the cessation of stretching and the explosion of buds!

December 13th

End of Week 4 and the buds are looking beautiful. They’re only getting frostier with every passing day!

December 20th

These 6 ladies are finally at the end of Week 6!

You can see how much they have improved ever since the last update.

February 12th

It’s been a while again but life just happens!

Putting in the right amount of research pays off in the end.  The 6 plants yielded a total of 17.15 ounces dried. Out of that, 9.2 ounces was from the GSC Extreme and 7.95 was from the JH.

P.S. harvesting is no joke. Make sure you have not only the time but the energy to get through it too.

Grower: Stoney_Burgs
Yield: 17.15 ounces (dried)
Location: NA

Even if you’re growing cannabis for the first time, you will definitely fall in love with the ease provided by these two strains.

Do you have what it takes to grow JH and GSC Extreme at the same time?

Happy growing!

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