ILGM Amnesia Haze and AK-47 from Seedling to Harvest

Amnesia Haze from ILGM is a marijuana strain
that may not be as easy to cultivate as other strains. It needs plenty of sunlight and warmth to develop well. Indoor growers need to replicate a Mediterranean, mild, and sunny climate when growing this marijuana.

On the other hand, outdoor growers need to make sure they’re in a location with consistent temperatures of 72 to 80 degrees. Amnesia Haze is also sensitive to pests so be on the lookout for unwanted bugs.

Indoor Amnesia Haze tend to grow more horizontally than they do vertically. This growth pattern lets the plant have a bushy physique which is approximately 3 to 4 feet tall. The grow cabinet needs to be set up in such a way that allows light and air to permeate through the nodes especially on the lower branches.

Amnesia Haze tends to take a longer time to mature – between 10 to 12 flowering weeks! However, this comes with the benefit of producing 2 ounces of usable cannabis per square foot!

Meanwhile, the AK-47 is a resinous, skunky sativa grows best indoors with either a soil or hydroponic system. While it is one of the most physically resilient strains, it can be quite sensitive to rotting and mold. Therefore, it needs a grow space with adequate ventilation and the appropriate humidity. The grow area should also have plenty of vertical space for the plant to flourish so it can stretch to its full height of 19 to 32 inches.

AK-47 cannabis flowers between 7 and 9 weeks. A healthy plant should yield about 14 ounces per square meter.

Grower: Laurap
Location: Texas, USA
Yield: 14 ounces
Seeds: Amnesia Haze and AK-47

May 7th

The grow journal starts with 6 seedlings having just popped out of their rapid rooters. All the baby girls are under an inch in height and the tent temperature is about 82 to 84 degrees F. Shining 40 inches above them is a 400MH light.

400MH light

May 19th

So far, they’re growing well. Over the past several days, they just added new sets of leaves. They grow up so fast.

growing well

Grow Bible

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May 22nd

Nothing to see here. Just six sisters making the most out of their 18/6 light cycle.

18/6 light cycle

May 25th

In only three days, they’ve added more leaves. This is an overwhelming amount of progress compared to what they were just three days ago!

three days ago

May 31st

Girls are about a foot tall and starting on their 7th set of leaves. Topping them soon and starting with nutes at ¼ strength.

June 5th

Found this bug chewing on some of the leaves. No idea what it was but pulled everyone of to clean their area and looked underneath their fan leaves but saw nothing else. Some food grade DE (diatomaceous earth) and dusting should control other bugs.

control other bugs

June 11th

Been almost a week since the girls received DE. Never found anything else inside the tent. No other leaves were chewed on. These young ladies should be in the clear… at least for now.

June 14th

Two of the Amnesia Haze plants are 19 inches and the rest are 15 inches tall! The grow room should become crowded real soon!

the Amnesia Haze plants

July 6th

Started flowering on the 3rd!

Started flowering

July 19th

Here’s a photo on the 15h day of flowering. To date, these girls are have been topped and LSTed. Because they’re living in a crowded tent, some of the bud areas are still not getting enough light. Here’s what they’re looking like today.

15h day of flowering

August 3rd

Still have 3 or more weeks before they’re ready for the harvest. Almost all main colas started to see a few red hairs. They’re probably two and a half feet to three feet tall. Thought they would double in height during flowering but they had an initial growth spurt and just grew lots of buds.

August 9th

Trichomes are clear to cloudy today. Soon, these beautiful ladies will be inside jars.


August 14th

Harvest is just around the corner. Never had so much rain here and humidity has been a killer. But just look at these ladies. They’re pretty and this grower here had so much fun!

look at these ladies

August 17th

Nutes have been stopped now. Starting tonight, these ladies will receive nothing but water.

September 2nd

Girls have been in a milky trichome state for at least two weeks without signs of amber but they’ve already gone beyond their expected age of maturation.

A day after starting the flush, the humidity shot into the upper 70s. Couldn’t get humidity down. Ten days ago they were so sticky and now, just barely. The trichomes are still cloudy.

The trichomes

September 6th

Waited out the storm but they’re still in their pots. They’re just chilling in their tent, being ventilated by some fans.

Harvest Guide

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September 8th

Since harvest will take place soon, here’s a group photo of all the girls! A photo before graduation day!

before graduation day

And here are some close up shots.

close up shots

And this is a small lower bud. She’s the most yellow of them all. The bigger sugar leaves on main colas are turning yellow too.

bigger sugar leaves

September 14th

Cut down the girls last Tuesday (12th). Problem was someone else had to take care of them for the past 3 weeks and that person took off all the fan leaves. The girls started to die when they had nothing to feed off! On the bright side, they made it to cloudy with a touch of amber.

September 20th

Finished with these girls! Harvested almost 14 ounces. Not too shabby for a first-time indoor grower! But boy oh boy mistakes were made.

Grower: Laurap
Location: Texas, USA
Yield: 14 ounces
Seeds: Amnesia Haze and AK-47

The biggest mistake in this grow was not taking better control of the humidity during the late flowering period. The ideal humidity in the final 2 weeks before harvest is 30-40%. To achieve this, daytime temperature should be lowered and the temperature difference between day and night (lights on and off) should be higher. That would be 18 to 24 degrees C with the lights on and a difference of 5 to 10 degrees C with the lights off.

Humidity can also be lowered by increasing fresh/cool air supply, watering the plants after lights are switched on, and using a decent dehumidifier.

Are you ready to grow your own ILGM Amnesia Haze and AK-47?

Happy growing!

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