If You’re Not Using A Pre Cooler, You’re Doing It Wrong

I remember the first time I smoked from a bong. It was a life changing experience for me.

Up until then I had only smoked from pipes and taken a few hits off of a joint here and there.

Once I tried smoking from a bong for the first time I saw a whole world of possibilities in getting high.

Then I quickly became accustomed to bongs, and my bong collection got larger and more complex.

Dome percs, diffuser downstems, drum percs, we’ve come a long way since the days of smoking from a straight acrylic bong.

One of the neatest innovations we’ve made in the form of cool stoner tools is the pre cooler.

What is a Pre Cooler?

A precooler is an attachment for your bong which acts as a secondary water chamber.

A regular herb bowl will be either built in, or attached to the top of the pre cooler.

This water tank cools and filters the smoke as you pull your hit.

A quality pre cooler will fit snugly into your bong’s downstem, in place of the herb bowl that you would normally use.

you need a pre cooler

How Does a Pre Cooler Work?

The point of a pre cooler is to cool the smoke before it hits your lungs, thereby reducing potential harm done to your lungs during the act of smoking.

After the smoke passes through the pre cooler it then passes to your lungs.

These Things are so Cool!

You will notice a stark difference between taking a hit from a bong with a pre cooler versus a bong that does not have a pre cooler.

Smoke that has been filtered with a pre cooler will taste better and hit a lot smoother.

Pre coolers serve another function as well: they collect the ash that gets sucked through the bowl and prevent it from getting sucked down into the main chamber of the bong.

This is why you’ve probably heard a pre cooler be referred to as an “ash catcher.”  Not only do your hits taste better, your cleaning time is cut in half.

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Cons of Pre Coolers

There are a couple downsides to pre coolers, mainly it’s how fragile they are.

These things are really pretty easy to break. If you drop it, that’s pretty much all she wrote. This is why it pays to be hyper vigilant.

If you’re prone to knocking things over, maybe go for a nice sturdy beaker bong.

If that thing does break, you should probably forget about trying to glue it back together and just get a new one.  

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