How to Make Hashish from Marijuana Trimmings

Hash is a hard thing to get your hands on. That’s why it is good to learn how to make hashish from trimmings of marijuana. That is the best way to get the maximum use from your harvest. You don’t have to throw those leftovers, as you can process them. 

Making hashish from your marijuana trimmings is a walk in the park. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make hashish using those cannabis trimmings. We will walk you through the process that is involved so that you can make hashish at home. 

what is hash

What Is Hash? 

Before we explain how to make hashish from trimmings, you have to know what it is. Hashish is a cannabis product made by compressing and processing the plant’s trichomes. In other words, it’s the separated resin from your plant. Trichomes are crystal-like particles that are tiny found all over the cannabis plant. They contain the highest concentration of cannabinoid content. 

Trichomes also contain the terpenes that give the marijuana plant its unique scent. They are filled with sticky resin and look similar to translucent hairs at the tip of the plant. What’s more? They help to shade the leaves from the sun and block wind from moving across the surface of the leaves. In turn, this prevents lots of water from leaving the leaves. You can consume hashish by smoking, typically in a joint, vaporizer, bong, pipe, or via oral ingestion. 

Making Hashish from Trimmings

Making Hashish from Trimmings

Hashish has a long history of consumption, and its popularity is growing every day. It has also been refined as the years passed. There are several ways of making different types of finer hashish from weed trims. 

To make the hashish, you have to separate the trichomes from weed trims, including the leaves, stems, and buds. What follows is pressing them to create the content hash, a powerful form of cannabis. Hash comes in blocks that have been pressed. Of course, different strains of marijuana vary in color. For instance, a higher quality hash is golden brown, whereas a low-quality hash will be slightly green. 

Many marijuana growers believe that the leaves from marijuana plants are of no use. However, they have some THC content. Trichomes are also found in bud portions trimmed away with the smaller leaves. Clean your weed properly, and you will find THC present in the trims. 

To help you learn how to make hashish from trimmings, we have provided several techniques that you can use at home.  

For starters, there is the umbrella concept of making hashish from the trim of marijuana. Essentially, this is one of the easiest and straightforward methods. The procedure involves collecting Kief and forming it into a block or brick. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the main differences between solventless and solvent-based hash. 

Solventless Methods of Making Hash

The solventless method is the traditional way of making hash; it does not require any solvents. The procedure involves the use of mechanical means. That means using your hands, or you could also decide to set up a silkscreen. For the silkscreen option, you have to take your dried herb, then run it on the screen to separate the trichomes from the marijuana trims. Lastly, once you have turned the trichomes into Kief, heat them and press them into any shape you desire. 

Solvent-Based Methods of Making Hash

Using solvents is the modern way of creating hash. To learn how to make hashish from weed using this process, you will need propane or carbon dioxide, or butane to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from trichomes. However, for your hash to be safe for use, you have to purge the solvent’s residue.

For a butane hash oil, you will have to whip it into the wax using a hot plate. Alternatively, you can decide to use a vacuum desiccator chamber. This method is not safe to perform at home since it is highly flammable and dangerous. 

tips to making hash out of trimmings

Tips to Consider When Making Hash Using Cannabis Trim

There are several factors that you need to put into consideration when making hash from trim. They include:

  • During the freeing of the plant matter, freeze it well to make sure it does well when making the hash. Material that has not dried out will not decarboxylate enough to release enough live resin. Freeze your material very well and ensure it is fully frozen before you proceed with the hash-making process.
  • Gather more plant material using a sifting screen during the flowering stage. Be sure to place the sifting screen under the plants to ensure that the trichomes fall onto the screen. Continue to rub the weed extract on the screen to collect the resin. For this method to be effective, use a sifting screen while the cannabis plants are still growing. This process can take a few minutes when you use a plastic card and dry material. The end product from this process can be ready to smoke.
  • If you grow marijuana plants regularly, let the plant matter collect with time. Doing this is recommended, especially if you trim your plants as they grow. Collect the plant matter until the end of the growing season and turn it into hash at once. This way, you will make the most hash content than you can imagine.
  • Discard Mildew and Mold from your crop if you notice it to be infected. Mildew presence does not mean that you can’t turn it into harsh. Watch out for the biggest and best-looking buds, as they are usually the first to be infected with mold. To be on the safe side, use clean, sterile scissors and gloves. 
  • Invest in washing machines that are designed to be filled with ice and water. Once the vortex cycle is over, you only need to drain the iced water that is full of trichome heads into a bubble bag. These machines will save you a lot of work and time. They have a timer feature that you can use to set the desired spin time. 
  • Filter the full melt if you are using ice and water to make hash. However, you will require various micron sizes in the range of 73-90. Keep the two grades separate from each other if you are making water hash. In turn, this will make sure that the final product has an improved effect, aroma, and flavor. Alternatively, you can use bubble bags with dry sift to ensure the product is cleaned properly.
  • Ensure the environment is cold when you want to harvest trichomes. You will have more success when separating the trichome in a colder environment. Use cold steel tools to make the separation process a success. 
  • Use tumblers to sift and shake dry marijuana trim. A tumbler is an electrically powered device that is designed to tumble your marijuana trim through a 150-micron screen. The end product is a clean hash that is ready to use. 
  • For the hand-rolling method of making hashish from trim, wash and rinse your hands before you start rolling the buds between your fingers. The hash content will get stuck on your hands after you continue with the rolling process. Scrape it off your hands using a card and empty the contents into a container. You can turn the hash material into any shape that you want. Clean hands will ensure that the hash extracted from the buds is pure and free from any dirt. 

The Easiest Way to Make a Dry Ice Hash/Bubble Hash 

If you would like to learn how to make bubble hash, you are in the right place. We will explain the simplest way to do this. The bubble hash method is the purest solventless process of making hash. 

Required Equipment

  • Dry ice
  • A Credit card
  • A Pollen press 
  • A Large bucket
  • Bubble mesh bags (73μm to provide pure resin result)


  • Place the trim into a large bucket with dry ice. Stir and shake for a few minutes. Doing this will help the resin glands to separate from the marijuana trim.
  • Use the bubble bags to cover the bucket. Turn the bucket upside down to transfer the bucket’s content into the bags. 
  • Shake the bucket until you see the surface is filled with dust.
  • Take a credit card to scrape the resin product.
  • Use a pollen press to turn the resin into hash.

Using Hot Water Bottle Method to Make Dry Ice Hash/Bubble Hash

The hot water bottle method is more or less the same as doing it by hand. However, it requires more heat to melt the waxy cuticle off each trichome. 

Required Equipment:

  • Cellophane or parchment paper
  • Wine bottle


  • Place the resin on top of the cellophane or parchment paper and fold it into two. 
  • Fill the wine bottle with some boiled water and allow it to cool.
  • Place the wine bottle on top of the folded cellophane filled with resin for about 30 seconds.
  • You will notice the resin will start to appear dark.
  • Roll the wine bottle gently over the paper. The heat from the bottle will melt the resin with ease.
  • After you are done with the pressing process, turn the paper to the other side and repeat the process. The end product is a flattened, sticky, and shiny resin.

The Proper Way To Dry Your Hash 

It is a requirement to dry and cure your hash if you wish to preserve its quality for a long period. Storing it in moist conditions will foster the growth of mold or fungi. Bubble hash, for instance, must be dried if you desire the best results. Spread the marijuana trim or Kief on a piece of cardboard that is lined with parchment paper.

The main essence of spreading it is to increase the speed of the drying process by increasing the surface area. Ensure you are drying your hash in a dark and cool environment to get quality hash.

After the drying process, choose the appropriate method to cure the hash. Store it in parchment paper in a glass jar with controlled humidity to help the product mature.

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Now that you know how to make hashish from trimmings, you can do it yourself. There are several methods of making hash from cannabis trimmings, so you can use the one that suits you.

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