How Not To Buy Weed

What are you doing wrong when you’re buying weed? Chances are you might be doing more wrong than you think. Here’s how not to buy weed.

Don’t Buy From People You Don’t Know

You should never buy grass from people you don’t know and people you don’t trust. This is the number one rule when it comes to how not to buy weed.

There are several reasons why you should never pick up from anyone you don’t know, and that is simply because you don’t know them.

This person could be a total dickhead. They could rip you off, have shitty weed, or they could even be a snitch or an undercover cop. Always vet the people you buy your weed from.

How Not to Buy Weed

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On that note, don’t ever buy weed off the internet that’s not from a reputable source, i.e., a dispensary.

Don’t buy it off Craigslist, don’t buy it off Facebook or any other social media platform. This is how you get caught.

This is the case, even if you are buying from people you know. Though, I would hope that you wouldn’t be getting hooked up from someone who would be amateur enough to do that.

Conversely, if someone ever DMs you asking for a hookup, do yourself a favor and block that person for being a moron.

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Stop Paying in Change!

Seriously stop trying to hand over nickels and dimes, or count out forty dollars worth of quarters on the living room couch. First of all, you look like a giant dork doing this.

Secondly, it’s just really kind of rude. Have you gotten stuck behind someone at a gas station who tried to buy smokes or a tall can paying in change.

Wasn’t your first thought wow they probably shouldn’t be buying beer if they can’t afford to pay in paper? Well perhaps it was the second thought. Not even one dollar.

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How Not to Buy Weed

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Don’t Hit on the Budtender!

Your budtender is not there to be your girlfriend. She does not want to date you. The girl isn’t even looking to meet anyone.

Your budtender is there to sell you weed. That is it. She’s not there to be your friend either. She’s being friendly because that is good customer service and just good manners.

That is her job. What do you think is really going to happen? She gets asked out all the time, trust me. Just don’t do it.

Stop Asking for Fronts!

Unless you have a close and personal relationship with your dealer, stop asking them for fronts. Fronts are incredibly inconvenient, not to mention risky.

Your hookup has no way of knowing whether you’re going to pay him back on time, or even pay him at all!

Avoid doing any of these things when buying weed and you should be golden.

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