Growing More ILGM Blueberries

The Blueberry strain has earned a cult status because it produces a euphoric high mixed with fragrant and mouthwatering bud. No matter how many new cannabis strains are grown, Blueberry is a sure favorite among users. It has even received an award at the High Ties Cannabis Cup as the best indica in the year 2000.

Blueberry is a distinct-looking plant filled with green leaves with beautiful bright blue undertones. This marijuana plant grows dense and stout. Indoors, it can produce 18 ounces per square meter with a flowering time of 9 weeks during indoor grows.

When grown outdoors, it flowers during mid-October and produces 25 ounces. This strain prefers growing in a sunny Mediterranean climate and in optimized soil with lots of space to grow wide. It loves to grow horizontally. The strain produces sticky and fragrant buds which remind people of sweet berries.

Blueberry is a reliable stress-buster and is a guaranteed relaxant which makes it popular for those who want to wind down from a fast-paced day at work. Blueberry stirs up happy emotions. It tastes the same way it smells – sweet.

This grow journal features Blueberry Autos from ILGM.

Grower: StonedBlind
Yield: 2.7 ounces (from one of two plants only)
Location: NA
Seeds: Blueberry

November 2nd

This grow journal picks up on the 27th day of this Blueberry Auto. At that this age, she’s already filling up the box with a lot of stems even though it’s not even in pre-flower.

It’s under LED lights which cause it grow like weed.

November 3rd

Meanwhile, this is a smaller plant 10 days from sprout. She’s the last seed from the first set of ILGM Blueberry autos purchased a few weeks ago. She is in a mix of 3 scoops of Pro Mix and 1 scoop perlite evenly mixed.

The bigger girl is doing so much better, it’s starting to block light from this one. Here are more photos of her at 28 days.

She has officially filled out the grow box. She’s already touching both sides of the box as well. She can only grow up and she’s running out of room in that direction too. It’s an interesting problem to have.

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November 4th

Here are today’s photos.

The light is as high as it can go now. It’s 3 to 5 inches from the top of the plant now so once it grows taller, it’s going to be difficult.

Unfortunately, the little plant is still little. It’s odd that they both have very different problems. One plant is vegging and growing bigger and longer than desired. The other one doesn’t seem to want to grow at all.

November 5th

Today was the day when everything just wanted to make the grow process more difficult. It turns out the little intake fan hasn’t been working all this time. A new tent was ordered and it should be here next week. Once it arrives, everything will be moved along with an additional Mars 300W.

November 10th

The Apollo Tent came in a day ago and after putting in together, the old box was moved out of the closet. Everything is going well again although vertical space may still be an issue in the future.

November 22nd

The younger girl is still a runt so not a lot is expected from her. Hopefully, she’ll be a surprise. She may have been stunted by the lack of light in the old grow box because now, she’s doing so much better in the tent and with the extra light. Here’s to hoping she’ll catch up. She’s only about half the height she should be.

Meanwhile, this one is 47 days old. The only problem with her is she’s growing too tall too fast.

November 22nd

Here are some new facts about the Mars Hydro 300 light.

It has recommended hanging heights:

  • Germinating – 24 to 30 inches
  • Seeding – 24 inches
  • Vegetative – 18 to 24 inches
  • Flowering – 12 to 18 inches

Unfortunately, the light was being kept closer than recommended. That could have been one of the reasons why the smaller plant isn’t growing as desired.

The plants are getting Advanced Nutrients Micro Grow and Bloom Base nutes along with Big Bud for the flowers. They drink about ¾ of a gallon a day.

Here are some photos of the small plant at 30 days old.

November 23rd

Right now, the girl needs watering every 24 to 36 hours. The smaller plant doesn’t have that much need for watering and she only has about 25% perlite in her medium.

November 29th

Update photos starting with the youngest. She is now 36 days old and finally hitting the big stretch. She’s also starting to drink a good bit.

Here is the older plant. She’s 54 days old now and drinking less as the buds are finishing up.

She’s a beauty! However, you can see there’s a slight light burn on the top from before the new tent. Surprisingly, the little one is skunkier than the bigger one.

December 7th

She’ll be chopped tomorrow. Here she is 62 days from seed. Her grow was a bit rough towards the end of the process.

This is the small one at 44 days old. She’s finally drinking like crazy!

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December 14th

It’s been a week since the bigger plant was harvested. She’ll cure inside jars later this evening. Here are photos of the smaller plant at 51 days old.

The older plant turned out to be heavier than expected and produced 2.7 ounces of dried buds!

Grower: StonedBlind
Yield: 2.7 ounces (from one of two plants only)
Location: NA
Seeds: Blueberry

Unfortunately, the grow journal ended abruptly without any updates about the remaining plant. If the previous harvest is any indication, the subsequent crop should be a success too.

The main challenge encountered in this grow was the vertical plants; vertical growth. Turns out, some lights such as the Mars series used here has distance recommendations to optimize their effects.

Do you think lights are the most important factor for a successful harvest?

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