Growhouse Is A Fun Movie That Shows Hijinks Of Growing

Recently I had the opportunity to check out the movie Growhouse, a stoner comedy that came out last year.

It gave me a few genuine laughs and was fun to watch.

Movie greenhouse and hijinks of growing

This movie also shows you some important aspects of growing your own weed that you may not have considered, not just what can go right, but what can also go wrong. 

The Plot

Growhouse starts out with two friends Pat (DeRay Davis) and Darius (Lil Duval) who owe a big scary looking man in a wheelchair named Rollin’ Reg (Faizon Love) money.

Together they come up with a plan to obtain medical cards and grow their own crop of weed to pay off their debt. (the setting is LA prior to recreational weed).

They acquire their medical cards via rather dubious methods (or shall we say “doobius”?) from Dr. Doobie (Malcolm McDowell) who after messing around with the pair a bit, hands them their medical cards, and then passes them the blunt he’d been casually puffing on.

It was nice to see Malcolm McDowell, but it would have been nice if he’d had a bigger role.

When it comes time to fund the operation, Darius gets in touch with the one and only Snoop Dogg, who happens to be a relative of his.

Pat and Darius acquire their growhouse in an upscale neighborhood in Bel Air with the help of Darius’ girlfriend (Raquel Lee) who pretends to be doing renovations on the house so as to keep it empty until it’s time to harvest the crop. It’s time to grow!

Once they begin growing the crop is where all the fun begins.

Our heroes enlist the help of an expert in hydroponic growing named Conspiracy Chris (Martin Starr) in a surprisingly delighgtful role.

Other neighbors include Mrs. Gilliam (Lin Shaye) and Madison (Zulay Henao). Other cameos include a rather hilarious appearance by Charlamagne tha God as Black Jesus.


There’s Also Some Good Advice on Growing Weed

Growhouse is not only a good comedy with a lot of laughs, it also had some good information on growing, such as the need for a good security system and having someone in your corner that knows what they’re doing!

Of course, there are other great resources out there at your disposal, including the Marijuana Grow Bible, which you can download here.

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The information they give is overall pretty useful to the beginning grower.

The movie does a thorough and hilarious job showing that growing is not all fun and games; there are many things that can (and do) go wrong.

The protagonists run across every possible growing catastrophe that you can have; their plants mold, they get too hot, they flood.

Finally, one of the pair sees mites on the crop and decides to spray down all of the plants with bug spray. No spoilers, if you want to know how they manage to get out of this one

Growhouse is a good movie to watch when you just want to chill on the couch with come buds and your favorite bud, or pick up some knowledge on growing your own weed.

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