Gorilla Glue Strain: Cannabis Review

The Gorilla Glue strain is a potent and intense cannabis strain. It has scents and flavors that stand out and aren’t easily forgotten. We’ll reveal all of those later on. It’s also a sativa-dominant strain, which means it will stimulate you. In the rest of the review, we’ll also be covering the following:

  • Flowering
  • Yield
  • Origins
  • Nutrients
  • Climate

Origin of Gorilla Glue Strain

The Gorilla Glue strain is a hybrid created by GG Strains. It’s derived from 3 strains. These are Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubble. It’s been around since at least 2014 when it won numerous awards. As a result, the strain has become enormously popular among cannabis smokers since then.

Origin of Gorilla Glue Strain

Apparently, the creation of the strain was an accident. A Sour Dubble plant was pollinated by a hermaphrodite plant from the Chem’s Sister strain. The resulting plant was unusable, but seeds were then crossed with Chocolate Diesel. Thankfully, this had a happy ending, as Gorilla Glue was a hit.

Gorilla Glue Feminized Seed Properties

Plant typeHybrid
Sativa or Indica50% Indica 50% Sativa
THC LevelUp to 26%
CBD (Medical)Insignificant amount
Yield16 to 18 Oz per 3x3ft
ClimateIndoors | Steppe | Mediterranean
EffectsEuphoric | Uplifted
gorilla glue strain

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  • 50% Indica 50% Sativa
  • THC Levels Up To 26%
  • Easy to grow plants

Growing Gorilla Glue Seeds 

There are several key areas to look at when assessing this strain, and we’ll take a look at them in the following sections. They are the climate the strain grows best in, the best way to nourish the plants, and information about the flowering time and yield.

What climate does this strain grow best in?

The Gorilla Glue strain is quite simple to grow, so long as it’s in the right climate. That climate should be warm. Ideally, 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the vegetative stage and 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the flowering stage. They will grow tall and should be regularly trimmed. It’s a sticky plant, so watch out for that when you’re pruning it.

Growing Gorilla Glue
Growing Gorilla Glue

Feeding this particular strain?

The plants of this strain should be given frequent water, but not so much that it’s swamped in water. In terms of the nutrients you provide, a moderate amount will do a good job. If you’re using organic soil, then that should be enough by itself. But you can add some nutrients if you like. Worm castings, bat guano, and compost tea are all beneficial.

Flowering & Yield

The flowering time for the Gorilla Glue strain is between 8-9 weeks if you’re growing it indoors. If you’re growing it outdoors, then mid-October is the best time to harvest it. In terms of the yield, you’ll get 18 ounces for every square meter indoors, and 21 ounces for every plant outdoors.

smoking gorilla glue
Smoking Weed

Experiencing Gorilla Glue Strain 

The experience of this strain is definitely something to remember. It makes you feel glued to wherever you’re sitting. You’ll also feel relaxed and euphoric at the same time. Happiness is also a common effect too. 

It’s very high in THC, containing 25%, which is why it provides such a powerful punch. It has virtually no CBD whatsoever, which is not a surprise considering how psychoactive it is. 

Negative effects reported by users include dry mouth and dry eyes. These are the two most common downsides. A few people also report feeling dizzy, but this is very rare.

Smelling Gorilla Glue
Smelling Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue Taste & Smell 

The aroma of Gorilla Glue has three main components. It’s pungent, earthy, and sour. All of these are wrapped into one, giving a scent you just won’t be able to ignore. It’s also got some piney flavors when you smoke it, which is a nice touch on top of all those aromas. 

Some people have said it tastes like chocolate and coffee, but that’s something you can test for yourself! It can also help with a variety of medical conditions. The most frequent ones people report it helping with are stress, depression, and pain.

Marijuana Seeds
Marijuana Seeds

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Now that you’ve read our review of the Gorilla Glue strain, you’ll have an at-a-glance summary of the essential information for whenever you need it.

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