First Cannabis Lounge Opens In Southern California Strain

While blanket legalization of cannabis seems like an ideal and ultimate measure, many people living in the states where cannabis has been legalized often lament about the unavailability of public spaces for its consumption.

Due to restrictions on public consumption of the strain, some even consider the entire exercise of legalization a hoax.

They complain that a commodity cannot be deemed legal if it is only allowed to be consumed in the confinement of residential spaces.

The prohibition on public consumption of cannabis is currently a hot topic in Canada, where nationwide blanket legalization has recently been put into place.

Nearly a year into cannabis legalization, a southern Californian city has come up with a measure to get around public consumption restrictions.

An establishment, Cathedral City Lounge, in the Cathedral City, Riverside County has recently made history by opening the first on-site consumption bar in the region.

Customers can now consume different greens within its premises.

Cannabis lounge opens in Southern California

According to Nick Hughes, the proprietor of the lounge, cannabis users are free to try different products at the lounge, without getting looked down upon by onlookers, and without any apprehension of facing an arrest or penalty.

Hughes believes the establishment will also give visitors a window to sober up after consuming THC-rich products so that they can safely head to their destinations.

Hughes also runs an MMJ dispensary, which made it easier for him to launch the cannabis lounge.

The cannabis lounge offers many amenities, including pool tables, private rooms, and a music lounge.

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Cannabis Lounge

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Customers can rent dab rigs, pipes, bongs, and other paraphernalia.

However, it is important to mention here that the place is regulated by strict rules.

Hugh clarified that the rules don’t hinder the consumer experience and they are only taken up to guarantee the safety of visitors and the staff.

The municipal administration of Cathedral City has issued multiple on-site consumption licenses.

However, they haven’t come with pertinent rules for a strict regularization of on-site consumption operation and its possible consequences.

Hugh and his team, therefore, have come up with a set of rules to regularize on-site consumption sites.

They have also shared their work with the city administration. Cathedral City Lounge has established few rules to streamline the operations of its on-site consumption bar.

Cathedral City Lounge
  • Establishing the limit of THC consumption
  • Helping people to get to their destinations
  • Determining if someone is in need of medical aid

Excessive consumption of THC-rich strain can increase the risk of experiencing heart palpitations, which can also lead to a mild anxiety attack.

Therefore, the lounge keeps track of consumption of every individual consumer sitting in the bar. Furthermore, the staff at the lounge is CPR-trained.

In case of an emergency, they can attend to the affected individual until the arrival of professional medical help.

Cathedral City Lounge is open seven days a week and is also available as an event venue for parties.

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