The Fastest Way to Dry Weed

Drying weed is an important stage of the growing process that helps boost the quality of your weed. If it’s not done, your marijuana will be at a severe disadvantage. It won’t smell as good, and its effects on you won’t be as good. If you’re planning to sell your weed, people won’t be pleased with you if your weed hasn’t been dried properly. 

Even if you’ve taken care of your weed plants well and selected the best strains in advance, it will all be irrelevant if you fail to maintain good standards and practices when drying your weed. That’s why it’s essential to know about drying weed. 

However, it can take time to dry weed, and if you’ve already spent months preparing your grow area and growing the marijuana plants, you’ll want things to move as quickly as possible once the weed has been harvested. 

Therefore, we’ve written this guide to talk you through various methods for drying weed. We’ve included the fastest way to dry fresh weed, some alternatives, and some techniques you should avoid. 

We’ve also included sections about: 

  • The right conditions for weed drying
  • Why drying out your weed is essential 
  • Curing your weed 
  • Storing your weed 

We’ve done what we can to include as much information as possible in each of these sections. That way, you won’t need to spend extra time looking for additional information. You can simply read this article and get started with the weed-drying process. However, if you need to do more research, you use the subheadings to search for more articles online. 

Then, once you’ve digested the contents, you can select some appropriate weed strains and grow them with confidence, knowing that when it comes to drying the weed, you’ll be able to act responsibly and maintain the quality of the weed

Drying Weed
Drying Weed

Why Dry Out Your Weed

There are many reasons to dry out your weed, and there might be some you’re unaware of. So we’ve written this section to list out what those benefits are. That way, you can understand why you’d want to dry your weed before you read more about doing it. 

The main benefits of weed that’s well-dried are:

  • A rich and flavorsome taste 
  • A strong scent that isn’t diminished
  • The cut-grass scent that accompanies fresh marijuana will be eliminated 
  • Weed that’s dried rapidly experiences a chlorophyll breakdown, which means that the texture of the buds gets better 
  • Drying weed, in combination with curing it, will maintain the potency of your weed
  • Once the weed is dried, it’s less likely to induce anxiety or paranoia

These are all powerful benefits individually, but when taken together, it’s easy to see why drying out your weed is so essential. However, if you don’t dry your weed correctly, you won’t get these benefits, so it’s necessary to understand the options available to you. That’s what we’ve set out to help you do in this guide.

Drying Weed
Drying Weed in Jars

Best Conditions for Drying Weed

If you’re interested in the fastest way to dry weed buds, there are a few points to be aware of before discussing that. You’ll want to optimize your weed conditions so that the drying process goes smoothly. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to enjoy weed that has a pleasing effect on you while smelling and tasting great. 

The conditions for drying weed are numerous, and we’ll cover them in this section. Firstly, you should ensure that the weed is kept in a dry, ventilated, and cool area. You should regulate the temperature so that it ranges between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature is too high, then the humidity in the room will fall, and your weed will dry too rapidly. You can use tools like a hygrometer and a thermometer to keep track of these. If you’re having difficulties maintaining the temperature, you can use air conditioning to do it for you. 

Because of all these considerations, it’s appropriate to use an indoor storage area that you can access regularly. A basement or a garage may be suitable if you have a unit or cupboard you can keep secure. If you store the weed outdoors, regulating the light, temperature, and humidity levels will be more challenging.

Dry Weed
Dry Weed

How to Dry Weed

The fastest way to dry out weed plants isn’t that difficult. It simply takes some time to learn and put into action. The reason it’s not as challenging as it used to be is that marijuana growers have had years to perfect their craft and have an optimized approach these days. 

Because of that, you don’t need to conduct any experiments to dry your weed. You simply have to follow the procedures that others have laid out. Over time, growers have found ways of making the drying process quicker, and it’s those approaches that are the focus of this guide. 

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that you don’t want to dry excessively fast. Otherwise, your weed can taste harsh. Plus, rushing the process can make it easy to cut corners or forget to regulate certain conditions. If your temperatures are too low, you can get a mold problem, which is the last thing you’ll want! 

We’ll explore the fastest way to dry weed below so that you can understand more fully. It’s a method that many weed growers swear by. But if it’s not for you for any reason, then we’ve also included a wide range of alternatives. That way, you can find something suitable for your circumstances. 

Fastest Way to Dry Weed

Once you’ve harvested your weed, then you’ll need to move onto the drying stage as soon as you can. The fastest way to dry weed is a combination of paper bags and computer fans. That might sound strange, but it’s quick and easy while ensuring your buds don’t get damaged. 

You can use paper bags like what you get in bakeries, and they’re what you’ll be putting your marijuana buds into. You should be careful not to overfill the bag, but a few dozen nuggets of cannabis should work fine. Once the nuggets are in the bag, all you need to do is leave them to rest for a few days. 

Once you’ve done that, most of the drying process is complete. But to make it go faster in the final stages, you’ll need to give it a helping hand. The way to do that is with a computer fan. Anything hotter or stronger could risk damaging your weed or overdrying the buds. 

You should find the fan on your laptop or computer and take the nuggets out of the paper bags. Then lay a paper towel on the table, and turn on your device. The warm air from the vents will dry out your weed. 

However, you shouldn’t just leave the buds sitting there. Every 10 minutes, it’s worth turning them over, so they get an even amount of heat. That way, when they dry, they’ll do so consistently. Once an hour has passed, the buds should be dry enough, but if they’re not, then you should keep going until they feel dry. 

The flavors may not be as intense as other drying methods, but this is the quickest one that ensures the weed is of acceptable quality. The taste may seem somewhat harsh, but it won’t be undesirable.

Methods of drying weed
Methods of drying weed

Alternative Methods to Dry Weed Fast

If you want to dry weed fast, but you don’t need the fastest way to dry fresh weed, as explained above, then there is a selection of alternative methods you can try. We’ll cover them all in this section so that you’re well-informed. 

Hang the Weed 

If you want to dry your weed without relying on any electronic technology, then you can simply find a dark and cool place, put up a clothesline, and hang your weed upside down on it. You’ll need to ensure the temperature of the location is regulated between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll need to check on the weed regularly. 

If you’re having trouble with balancing temperature and humidity levels, you may wish to add a humidifier to the room. If there is not enough airflow, then you should add fans to circulate the air.  

Put Your Buds in a Boiler Room

If you have a boiler room in your home, it can be the perfect location to dry out your weed. That room in your home is probably warm most of the time because it contains a boiler that heats your water and maintains your radiator temperature. Boiler rooms typically aren’t very humid, either. 

To make use of it for drying weed, there are two options. You can put the weed in paper bags, which is the fastest way to dry weed buds, and then put them in the boiler room for a few days. Or you can tie the buds up with string inside the boiler room and leave them for a similar number of days. 

A boiler room also gives another advantage. Your weed will not lose its potency as much as it will with some of the other methods we’ve mentioned here. However, you will have to pay extra bills for the heat, and the taste of the weed may be slightly less satisfying.

Fastest Way to Dry Weed

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Use Your Oven 

This would have been listed as the fastest way to dry weed, but it comes with a shortcoming. Oven temperatures are typically too hot to dry weed, and it will end up crisping and burning. That means you have to regulate the temperature very precisely. 

The speed of the process can also result in your weed being overly dry and crumbly, so we chose the brown bag method as the fastest approach that doesn’t carry this risk. Plus, the cannabinoids can be burned away because of the high temperatures, and the taste won’t be quite as good because the process is aggressive, but it won’t taste bad either.

However, if you’re happy to proceed, then you can dry your weed very fast this way. Simply put a try in your oven, then place the buds on your tray, and wait for 10 minutes with the oven at a temperature of 125-140 degrees. You should flip them halfway through the 10 minutes to ensure both sides are dried equally. 

Use the Sun to Dry Weed 

The most traditional way to dry weed is using the power of the sun itself. It’s not as fast as the other methods, and its effectiveness depends on the weather. But if you live in an area with a decent climate and a lot of sunshine, it will probably work well for you. 

You’ll need to place the weed in a paper bag and then leave it in the sun. Humidity will disappear, and the bags will ensure the weed dries out totally. However, your buds shouldn’t touch the sides of the bag. The whole process takes two days, but terpenes and cannabinoids will decline, so it’s not the most rewarding approach. 

Freeze Drying Your Weed 

If you don’t want to rely on heat, you can dry your weed with colder temperatures. You can place the weed into a freezer. This crystallizes the moisture, and then the crystals can be removed using a vacuum. 

The benefits of freezing your weed are that the terpenes and cannabinoids remain in place, and your cannabis will be more resistant to bad conditions after less than 24 hours. However, it will cost extra money to buy a freezer, and you’ll need some skills with chemistry. 

Weed Drying Methods To Avoid

Weed Drying Methods To Avoid

Now that you know all about the fastest way to dry out weed plants, it’s worth covering the methods you shouldn’t use. These are methods that can damage your weed and make it useless and unpleasant to smoke or use. We’ll cover each one below. 

Using an Electric or Gas Heater 

If you have a small amount of weed, using a powered heater is unsuitable because that heat level isn’t needed. You can also overheat the weed quickly, and then it can become unusable. It’s challenging to sustain a specific temperature, as heaters tend to build up their heat levels quite rapidly. 

Not only that, if your weed is too close to the heater, it can dry out the weed that’s close to the heater and not the weed that’s further away. 

Using a Hairdryer 

Using a hairdryer might seem like the fastest way to dry fresh weed, but it’s quite involved. You have to keep the hairdryer on for a whole hour, which uses a lot of electricity. The air speed can also blow your weed away from the hairdryer, making it take longer to dry. 

Hairdryers can also overheat if they’re left on for too long, and you won’t know this will happen until your hairdryer cuts out. Not only that, you need to check it regularly. 

Using a Microwave 

This method is more volatile than most of the alternatives we’ve discussed, so we’ve put it on our list of methods not to use. A microwave works fast, and it can easily burn your weed in seconds. If you do use a microwave, you’ll need to turn the weed at 15-second intervals, but we don’t recommend it.

Curing Weed
Curing Weed

Curing Your Weed

Weed curing is a process that you can put your weed through to remove moisture from inside weed buds. It dries out your weed completely, but to perform it, you’ll need containers or jars that are airtight. Using bags with zip locks won’t be sufficient as moisture can penetrate them. 

To cure your weed, you’ll need to cut away the buds from the stalk of your plants, trim sugar leaves, and then put the remaining buds into jars. The humidity level should be 60-65%. Once you’ve done this, you should shake the jars so that the buds sit loosely and aren’t stuck to each other. 

After that, let out the moisture every few days for a fortnight. It’s essential to do this to prevent the growth of mold. You can also inspect the weed at this point. If you want to go further, you can smoke some of it to test the flavor and scent. Moisture levels should now be as low as 5-10%. 

Fully curing your weed can take six months, but it will be acceptable after a few weeks if you’re looking for the fastest way to dry weed buds with curing. 

Storing Weed
Storing Weed

Storing Your Weed

Once you’ve finished drying or curing your weed, depending on your preferences, you should store it well so that it keeps its flavor, scent, terpenes, and cannabinoids for as long as possible. To ensure this happens, keep the weed in the dark room. Too much light will reduce the cannabinoid levels. 

You can also store it in a fridge because cold temperatures can preserve the THC levels in the weed. However, you’ll want to keep the airtight jars so that the refrigerator doesn’t cause mold to form on your weed. 

Weed will not keep forever, but it should be usable for a few months or years if you store it well enough. It depends on the method you used to dry and cure it and the strains you have. 

Some good strains you might like to grow include: 


You now know all the essential facts about the fastest way to dry fresh weed, as well as several alternative options available to you. We’ve also gone over several methods that you shouldn’t use, as well as why and how it’s crucial to dry weed. 

If you need more information, then it’s worth doing extra research, but you should have enough in this article to get started with drying weed. If you’re unsure what method to choose, we recommend you go with the fastest way we outlined near the beginning of this guide. 


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You can try the other methods if that one doesn’t work for you, but it’s better if you go for the fastest method possible because you’ll get to smoke your weed sooner. However, as you’ll also know from reading this guide, some methods are more harmful to cannabinoid and terpene levels. 

Therefore, a certain amount of testing is involved. You’ll have to inspect, smell, taste, and smoke the weed at various stages of the drying process to make sure the desired effects are being achieved and your weed is drying correctly. 

If a particular approach isn’t working for you, you can always swap it for one of the others. Eventually, you’ll find the method that works best for you. If you’d like to learn more about growing marijuana, or you’d like to get hold of some, there’s one thing you can do. 

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