Electrical Safety Guide For Growing Marijuana Indoors

When growing cannabis indoors you have to deal with electricity and electronic devices.

It is important to know some of the most important rules while working with electrical machines or wires.

This guide will help you learn the basic rules when installing and connecting wires and devices in your indoor marijuana garden.

A Guide for Electrical Safety – 20 tips

1. If you use power tools, you need to wear safety glasses. Goggles are vital if you have contact lenses.

2. Before considering beginning any work with electric machines, be sure to have turned the power from the breaker box off.

3. Choose your working place in a dry area. We don’t want to produce an electric shock with wet surfaces.

4. Junction boxes are the only place where wires should connect to. Splicing them together and concealing within a wall is prohibited.

5. Stripping wires with your knife is absolutely wrong and dangerous. Apart from being a danger for your fingers, cut with a knife of the wire can create a hazard.

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6. The National Electric Code requires the usage of ground fault circuit interrupting out-lets under certain conditions such as in basements or outdoors.

7. Do not overload the outlet or the extension cords because it may be a fire hazard.

8. If you map or mark the boxes of switch and outlet you can cause an electrical shock. For this reason, you can move the map somewhere on the main door of the power service.

9. A good idea will be to leave a message of where you are working and be sure to tape the breaker of the circuit in the position off. The fuse can be takes out with the fuse box.

10. Changing of the fuse’s or the circuit breaker’s size is wrong.

11. Your connector should be CO/ALR rated if the wire you splice is from aluminium. If the marking says it is CU/ALR, then you have to use copper wire only. If there is such a push terminal, you can also use aluminium copper-dad wire.

12. If there occurred a problem and it caused the fuse or the circuit breaker to be blown, you have to correct it before you replace them.

13. A wiring that appears deteriorated of fraying must be removed.

14. Do not brace the right-angle drill until you break your knuckles because if it does not spin around, it may get stuck while you are drilling.

15. Always check the wires and electrical connections before you start working with them with a tester for the voltage. It has to show that they are dead.

16. Never do you have to touch the plumbing or gas pipes that ground the electrical system.

17. Metal ladders are absolutely unacceptable while working with high voltage electricity.

18. Do not worry about the money or rush when you are working with electricity. Always plan carefully and take the necessary safety precautions beforehand.

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i love marijuana growing lights

19. Read the article Best Grow Lights to make sure you use the right equipment.

20. Hire an electrician if you don’t know what you’re doing.

To sum up, working with electricity requires patience and careful planning of each situation.

You have to know everything about the machines you are working with to be ready for the possible problems that might occur.

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Pay attention to every detail because it may cost you your life or that of another person. Not well-connected wires can cause fire.

Don’t be scared off by this article, just make sure you know what you’re doing. Growing marijuana is one of the best hobbies in the world!

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