Durban Poison Strain: Cannabis Review

The Durban Poison strain is a pure Sativa strain originating from Durban, South Africa. Its best qualities are the energy, creativity, and joy that it gives its users and its sweet and spicy citrus and grapefruit aroma that translates into its taste.

It is one of the most powerful strains available, with THC levels as high as 20%. The strong taste and the feeling it gives make the Durban Poison strain one of the best for those looking for strong cannabis concentrate.

Origin of Durban Poison Strain

The origin of the Durban Poison weed strain dates back to the 1970s. The name comes from its city of origin, Durban, South Africa. It was discovered by an American cannabis activist called Ed Rosenthal, who brought it back to the US in the 1970s. It is well known for having huge resin-filled glands, which make it a favorite amongst marijuana users. 

The strain’s gene pool was modified in 1978 by Mel Frank. The modification made the strain decrease its flowering time and increased its resin content. Frank also did some crossbreeding that gave rise to two phenotypes, line “A” and “B”. The “A” line is what we know today as the Durban Poison strain.

Durban Poison Feminized Seed Properties

Plant Type100% Sativa
THCUp to 20%
CBDInsignificant amount
ClimateIndoors | Steppe | Mediterranean
Plant SizeAverage
Flowering Time8 weeks
Yields18 to 21 oz per 3xq3ft


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  • 100% Sativa landrace descendant
  • THC levels up to 20%
  • Best indoors and in sunny climates

Due to the strong nature of the strain, it is mostly used to make extracts like marijuana concentrates. It has very distinguishable characteristics due to its pure Sativa strain that are unique compared to hybrid plants. The Durban Poison plant can grow up to 8 feet in height.

The dominant taste of this strain is sweet and earthy, with a piney aroma in the background. In this Durban Poison strain review, we will take an in-depth look at the strain and what makes it one of the best in the world.

Growing Durban Poison Seeds

Indoor growing is the best way to grow the strain, and it is fairly easy as well. You can easily control the height it grows to when growing it indoors, while the plant can grow to a substantial height when grown outdoors. It is a resilient plant and does not need a lot of maintenance for it to grow. The plant can grow up to 7.5 feet when grown outdoors without special care. 

To get the best Durban Poison strain yield, you need to let the plant have enough room for growth that accommodates the side branches. While this would be better done outdoors, growing the Durban Poison weed strain outdoors can make it grow wider and larger, making it hard to trim and prune the branches. 

Durban poison cannabis plant growing outdoors

When growing the strain indoors, you need to take special care with the nutrients, light cycles, and care you give to the plant. You want it to experience conditions similar to those it would be exposed to outside but in a more controlled environment. While the strain grows just fine on its own, you will have to put in extra work to get top-shelf buds.

Preferred Climate

The Durban Poison weed strain flourishes in sunny outdoor environments. However, because of the plants’ massive growth outside, some prefer growing it inside so as not to tip off neighbors. The good news is you can replicate the conditions if you want to grow it indoors. You can create a nice, warm, and sunny environment in your greenhouse easily.

It is highly recommended that you use a hydroponic setting when growing the strain instead of soil or in pots. Hydroponic growing refers to using a growing medium other than soil, for example, a soil substitute. Examples of hydroponic growth mediums include perlite, coconut coir, and Rockwool.

Cannabis plant growing in rockwool hydroponic system

Hydroponic growing is the best as it will likely attract fewer pests than actual soil. It also gives you the chance to control the nutrient intake; you can add the nutrients you want to the soil substitutes in the amount you want. You can also get a superior taste and an even better Durban Poison strain yield with hydroponic growing.

You will also have to take special care with the light cycle, trying as much as possible to replicate the outside environment. Some choose to use artificial lights to create the daylight effect, but if your greenhouse has access to outside sunlight, you can find a way to control it.

Feeding Durban Poison Plants

Aside from giving the plant favorable climate conditions, much like anything else, the Durban Poison strain also needs proper nutrition for it to grow healthy. There are essential nutrients that your plant will need to grow, and you can visit our nutrient section to get some of them.

We recommend that you give your plants:

This set consists of seedling fertilizer that has a blend of nutrients for young plants, dedicated to giving them a healthy start. Use the seedling fertilizer during the starting stage to help in root development and healthy growth.

It also has grow time fertilizer that helps protect your plants from diseases and improves soil tilth. The fertilizer also helps your plants develop healthier roots and have better nutrient retention, which will ensure your plants thrive, coupled with improved microbial activity.

marijuana fertilizer set

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The kit also has flower time fertilizer with high potassium concentration and high nitrogen levels for better foliage growth. The potassium also helps in the stimulation of strong and potent buds. Start using the fertilizer when the plants start sprouting flowers and use it throughout the flowering phase.

A plant booster is also included, which is filled with a lot of nutritional powers. Use it on the last vegetative phase stages to help with early flowering. Using the booster gives you full, rich buds improve soil tilth, and results in higher quality and increased yield.

This kit helps you protect your plants from pests and diseases. Use the kit to prevent common infestations and cure common diseases. It consists of:

  • Bug Blaster

It takes down unwanted pests from your plants. It kills spider mites, whiteflies, aphids, thrips, caterpillars, and other harmful bugs. It also has a foliar feed that improves the plant’s immune system, giving it what it needs to fight bugs and diseases. Use the bug blaster when it starts getting dark outside and use a double dose if there is a heavy bug and pest infestation.

  • Root Protector

The root protector helps plants produce useful bacteria that, together with non-harmful ingredients, help the plants fight off diseases that could harm or kill them. This healthy bacteria feeds on deadly bacteria and helps your plants strengthen their immune system. Use the root protector when you see the first sign of daylight and use double dosages for significant damage.

  • Mold Control

The mold control protects your crops against leaf diseases, such as leaf septoria, powdery mildew, botrytis, and others that can destroy your crops. It stops fungi and mold development using its fast-acting ingredients, like neem oil and potassium bicarbonate. Use Mold Control halfway during your plant’s growth for the best results.

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Flowering and Yield

The Durban Poison weed strain forms flowers fairly quickly, especially when using the feminized seeds. You can expect your plant to start flowering about 7-9 weeks after planting if you are an indoor grower. With outdoor growing, harvesting usually occurs from the end of September to mid-October. You will get sticky, fat buds with the Durban Poison feminized seeds with a 20% THC level.

Durban Poison strain yield differs depending on the growth conditions it experiences. Indoor-grown plants yield about 13 usable ounces of cannabis per square meter. With outdoor growing, you can expect a yield of about 16 usable ounces of marijuana per plant.

Experiencing Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison has a sweet, spicy aroma that resembles a strong cup of chai tea but with a buzz that mimics that of caffeine. It causes clear, focused thoughts with an energy boost. Use this strain if you want an extra boost of creativity and energy, especially on those slow days. 

You can use it in the morning as a caffeine substitute to jumpstart your day. It is also a good medicine alternative to have around, no matter the condition you are dealing with. The strain can help you feel more motivated, relaxed, and stress-free and you can use it any time of day or night.  

Man smoking cannabis from a bong

You can use this strain to help with your concentration and mood elevation when you need it. You can experience the munchies with the strain. Some of the feelings associated with this strain include:

  • Happiness and euphoria
  • Energetic and uplifting
  • Inspiration and creativity

Durban Poison Taste & Smell

The earthy smell is one of the best indicators of this strain. It has a sweet, pungent, earthy aroma with pine undertones and a spicy cut. The aroma relates to the taste, and you can feel the pine-tree flavor with the first take. The flavor then calms to give earthy, herbal flavors with a hint of citrus and grapefruit. The smell and taste are powerful and inviting, giving that feel associated with African strains.

Some of the flavors and aromas associated with the strain include:

  • Skunky
  • Citrus
  • Earthy
  • Fruity
  • Cheesy
  • Sweet 

THC and CBD Levels

This is a high THC Sativa strain with THC levels of around 20% and low CBD levels of around 1%.

Medical Benefits

The Durban Poison strain has up to 20% THC levels and CBD levels of around 1%. This means the plant is not ideal for dealing with treatment for serious medical issues. However, the high THC levels make it great for dealing with physical and mental pain caused by different medical or mental conditions.

The strain is also good for those battling with insomnia or restlessness at night. Using the strain helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression as it helps you calm down and relax. Avoid over-consuming the strain and any marijuana strain as it could cause paranoia or heighten anxiety and stress levels, leaving you restless and worse off. 

Man holding a cannabis joint on his fingers

You can also use the Durban Poison weed strain to alleviate symptoms like nausea and loss of appetite. Those suffering from chronic pain can also use the strain to reduce the pain. If you have severe problems, try using something stronger, like an edible or live resin, for better results. It is a good Sativa for energy and relaxation, perfect for those undergoing trying medical conditions or diseases.

Potential Adverse Reactions

The strain has very mild and rare side effects, especially when compared with the benefits it provides to recreational pot consumers and patients.

Some of the most common side effects are dry eyes and cotton or dry mouth. You can deal with these effects by staying hydrated before, during, and after your session. You can also apply moisturizer and redness-reducing eye drops to deal with dry eyes.

There are no strong side effects to the strain, and the positives outweigh the negatives in this situation. Unless you are prone to high levels of anxiety and paranoia when using Sativas with high THC levels, you will not have a problem with this strain.

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