Cultivating ILGM Blue Dream

The Blue Dream cannabis from ILGM is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the United States. This sativa-dominant plant creates a relaxing and invigorating effect which gently transitions into euphoria.

When growing Blue Dream cannabis, remember they have the potential to grow into tall plants with heights of 4 to 6 feet. It’s a strain that is easy to cultivate indoors as long as there is plenty of vertical space. ILGM Blue Dream cultivation can also be done outdoors in a subtropical climate but many parasites are attracted to its strong, sweet aroma.

Indoor cultivation of Blue Dream marijuana strain requires perfect climate control. If successful, one Blue Dream plant can yield 21 ounces per square meter after a flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks.

Grower: Smokin_ernie
Location: NA
Yield: 1.4 ouncesa
Seeds: Blue Dream

December 8th

This grow journal starts on this day when the girls first broke through the soil surface.

Before that, one seed was germinated in the paper towel method and the other underwent the soaking method. It took 20 hours for the soaked seed to sink. The one in the paper towel cracked open after 48 hours and now, it’s about ½ inch. Both methods worked but the paper towel method is a little faster.

They were placed in peat pots with a mix of Fox Farms Ocean Forest and some starter mix with a Ziploc bag over them to prevent drying.

December 12th

Today, the seedlings are 4 days old and look healthy. There’s a small struggle with low humidity but adding a humidifier to the setup seems to be helping.

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December 14th

Took these photos at the end of Day 5. They only have a total of 4 leaves each. They should be much further along.

After some weather stripping and duck taping, the doors and small holes were sealed to prevent light from getting out. The humidity is doing pretty well too despite the initial hiccups. At night, it’s about 42%.

December 17th

Trouble in paradise! Their leaves are turning pale to yellowish. They’re also dropping. It may be due to overwatering because they don’t need as much water at this point.

Have a fan on them to prevent water stagnation. From now on, they’ll just receive some misting or light watering.

December 19th

Yes, it was just overwatering! After putting a fan on them and letting them dry out, they seem much better. Also watered them with a cup over them to introduce water around the plant instead of on the plant. The principle here would be to force the roots to seek out the water. It keeps the stem nice and dry while the rest of the soil is moistened.

December 21st

These ladies are recovering but they’re still a bit yellowish. They’re growing slowly too.

December 24th

The girls’ growth have picked up speed. One of them may have suffered a bit of burn. The leaves are still a bit yellowish but new growth should be nice and green.

December 29th

It’s Day 21. One plant is doing nicely but is still in the seedling phase. Growing has started to pick up a bit and she seems to have a couple more weeks before she’s officially in full veg phase.

The second plant has a sulfur deficiency and had to undergo a flush yesterday. She’s growing at a faster pace but she’s yellowish with some deformed leaves.

For the flush, one gallon of pH 6.4 water was used with ½ tablespoon of Epsom salts. Poured an amount of water which was three times bigger than the container.

January 3rd

This plant has very little yellowing left on the lower leaf. She has recovered from the overwatering issue earlier on.

Meanwhile, this one is suffering from sulfur deficiency and thus receive some sulfur at half strength. Next feeding will be full strength.

January 13th

Day 35 and this girl seems to be struggling for some time now. She’s been struggling with nutrient lockout from over watering.

Girl 2 is doing much better. She had one feeding of nutrients and she handled it well enough.

January 22nd

Day 46!

Plant 1 is recovering nicely. New growth looks good and greener overall. Added sulfur and CalMag to her Fox Farm nutrients.

Plant 2 is doing great! She’s growing just like she should. Attempted FIM on her yesterday just to see what happens.

Added side lights to the set up with 23W CFL 6500K, two on each side. The theory here is that the bottom leaves should have more light to get bigger to create bigger buds in the end.

February 4th

Day 58 today.

Plant 1 has improved a lot but she is still progressing slowly. She’s only half the size of the other plant. Most of the green has come back to the plant and she looks more alive because of it. She’s been receiving pH-ed water because PPM is too high at 2582.

Plant 2 is suffering from a slight nitrogen toxicity. She has slightly yellow tips hence the need for a flush to reduce toxic build-up.

February 5th

Today, on their 60th day, the girls are finally on the flowering light cycle. Switched all the lights from 6500K to 2700K and the timers were set to 12/12. Both plants are tolerating the new light schedule quite well. Decided not to use any nutes with watering due to their respective toxicities.

February 11th

Just a week into flowering and you can already see white hairs! Here’s a first look!

February 17th

It’s Day 11 of flowering! Starting to see more white hairs popping up all over the place. Both plants are doing well. One of the plants is stretching like crazy!

February 21st

Day 15 of flowering and the buds are popping up!

March 4th

Sugar/crystals are starting to grow on the buds. The one on the right is the slow grower. It’s amazing how different their colors are despite being the same strain.

March 21st

This is the better of the two plants. You can see she really stacked on weight since the last update.

Meanwhile, this is the one that struggled a bit. Obviously, her yield won’t be as much as the other one but it still beats getting nothing.

With those being said, their colors are fantastic and these photos don’t do them justice. Before the harvest this weekend, they’ll be subjected to 48 hours of total darkness.

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March 27th

Today was harvest day! Here’s how one of them looked like before the chop!

And here they are all trimmed and pretty!

April 1st

Just smoked a little bud and not bad at all! The taste was pretty good and produced a nice head high. Ended up with a total of 1.4 ounces from 2 plants.

Grower: Smokin_ernie
Location: NA
Yield: 1.4 ounces
Seeds: Blue Dream

As you can see, this grow suffered from overwatering at the beginning part of the grow process. The effects of overwatering can be fixed by letting the plants dry out, waiting longer in between watering, and even adding extra drainage holes in the pots to get the proper runoff!

Have you ever had to deal with overwatering cannabis?

Happy growing!

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