Can I Start A Cannabis Lifestyle Brand?

As you may have noticed, everyone is starting a cannabis lifestyle brand, or at least anyone who is somebody.

Cannabis lifestyle brands are all the rage right now. It seems like every celebrity from actors, to former athletes are starting one.

Former Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams just debuted his Real Wellness brand.

Grammy award winner Melissa Etheridge began infusing cannabis with wine after successfully treating her breast cancer with cannabis.

All of your favorite stoner celebs, such as Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong, and Willie Nelson have had their cannabis lifestyle brands for years, and were among the first in the industry to start theirs.

Even former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is starting his own cannabis themed resort getaway, which will go as far as to teach attendees a thing or two about growing their own crops.

So, how do you go about starting your own cannabis lifestyle brand?

Have an Actual Brand

First off, it helps if you have an actual brand. I’m not saying that you need to make yourself an overnight celebrity sensation, but it would definitely help if your name was known by more than just your family and your group of stoner buddies.

I mean, you might be a very cool person who is beloved by all the people around you, but no offense, no one is going to go for a cannabis lifestyle brand started by someone who doesn’t live a lifestyle that they themselves would want.

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If your “lifestyle” consists of chilling on your couch playing video games and eating chips, then you may want to rethink your strategy here.

Again, let me reiterate, I’m not saying that you need to become an overnight sensation.

Find something that you’re already good at and find a way to capitalize on that.

If for example, you’re known around town for playing music, then maybe you can start a cannabis lifestyle brand for musicians.

I would say that your best bet is to focus on the medicinal aspect.

If you’re into physical fitness at all, then maybe you can become some kind of small time fitness guru.

You Should Know a Thing or Two About Cannabis

When I say “a thing or two, I mean that you should know more than just what strains you like and that you like to smoke weed.

You should know about all of the different terpenes (of which there are many) and you should know all of the things they do.

A cannabis lifestyle brand consists of more than just strains of weed. You have to know how to make infused products.

I’m talking things like tinctures, and topicals, edibles. If you don’t know how to make any of those things, then you probably should learn!

cannabis lifestyle brand 2

Then, There’s the Money

Last, but certainly not least is the money situation. If you want to start a cannabis lifestyle brand, you should have some good seed money with which to get your brand going. 

Remember this is the same as any other start up, which will mean a significant amount of financial investment on your part.

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Better yet, see if you can find some investors. By investors I mean any friends you have who happen to have disposable income.

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