Blueberry and White Widow Autoflowers Indoor Grow

ILGM’s Blueberry cannabis is a popular cannabis strain with a distinct high. It produces buds which are fragrant with a fruity, blueberry aroma, and flavor.

Blueberry cannabis seeds grow into fat, compact plants with purple buds which eventually turn blue. It’s important to have a lot of space when growing Blueberry seeds from ILGM because of their wide, horizontal growth.

It’s not a strain for novice cannabis growers because it demands optimum living conditions in order to cultivate a healthy, tall plant filled with buds. It takes 9 weeks of flowering before this plant can be harvested. Afterwards, it can yield 18 ounces of cannabis per square meter.

Blueberry cannabis is a stress-buster. It’s the right choice for people who want to unwind. It’s perfect for a long day at work and for helping you sleep better.

Meanwhile, the White Widow grows best in an indoor setting where all factors are controlled. However, it can still flourish outdoors in warm, sunny climates.

When it comes to diseases and pests, the White Widow is quite resilient. This resistance makes White Widow ideal for novice cannabis growers.

Blueberry and White Widow

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White Widow is compact and doesn’t grow taller than 4 feet tall. When growing indoors, they can produce up to 18 ounces of marijuana per square meter. Plants will finish their flowering period within 8 to 9 weeks.

If you’re looking for a smooth and pleasant high, the White Widow should be at the top of your list. You will be transported to a euphoric state of mind which makes you more open to creative pursuits.

This grow journal featuring the Blueberry and White Widow autoflowers start on the 56th day from germination.

Grower: Masshole
Yield: 92.7g (dried)
Location: NA
Seeds: Blueberry Autoflowers and White Widow Autoflowers

August 1st

Here are a few things about this grow.

The cabinet is 1.5’ x 2.5’ x 4’ and is lined with Reflectix insulation on three sides. They’re receiving lights via the HLG Quantum Board 135W LED light. Pots are 9.2-Liter air pots filled Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. On the 10th day of germination, they started receiving Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom A&B and Sensi CalMag Xtra. Some Carboload and Overdrive were added later in the cycle. The only water they’re receiving is distilled water.

Tomorrow will be their last day of feeding then they’ll only receive 10 days of water only before being harvested on the 12th.

Halfway through the grow process, both plants started showing nutrient deficiencies. The pH and PPMS were perfect so the lights had to be dimmed a little. Turns out, the ladies became pulverized with photons. This kept them short. They’re only 14 inches.

Another piece of advice is try not to freak out at every little thing you see. Take your time, ask around, and get the issue sorted. The plants will rebound. They are weeds and they will grow.

Finally, be patient. These ladies only started packing in the weight in their buds in the last couple of days. Being patient is easier said than done.

August 4th

It’s amazing watching these girls finish off. They’re really packing on the trichomes.

August 6th

Debating on whether to harvest this weekend or next weekend. Here are the trichomes now. Some are clear, some are amber, but most of them are cloudy.

August 10th

Here are a few photos before they’re chopped down. They’ll be harvested on Saturday.

Even in pictures, you can see the difference in bud swell from the last week.

August 12th

And they’re done! The Blueberry produced 277.2 grams of wet buds. Meanwhile the White Widow yielded 177.8 wet grams.

August 20th

And the total dry weight was 92.7 grams! Not bad for 2 auto plants.

Grower: Masshole
Yield: 92.7g (dried)
Location: NA
Seeds: Blueberry Autoflowers and White Widow Autoflowers

If you want to learn about growing cannabis, the best way to learn is to just start growing! This grow journal didn’t list it but there are a lot of factors which were considered and manipulated to successfully grow marijuana.

First is your grow space needs to be ventilated. A common mistake among first-timers is they don’t consider venting out extra heat from the grow space.

Why is an enclosed space bad? Surely locking in the scent should be a good thing, right? Unfortunately, no. Growing in a completely enclosed space will create a lot of problems.

The grow room will become hot and without fresh air, plants will suffer from heat stress, nutrient burn, bugs, mildew, and humidity imbalances. Not to mention the buds will never fatten up and you’ll open yourself up to several root problems including root rot.

Second, it’s important to continue taking photos and documenting your grow. The most important time to document is when you’re having problems.

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Blueberry and White Widow

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Third, knowing your grow lights should be second nature. Grow lights come in different sizes. The distance between the lights and the plants is also important. An MH/HPS grow light is preferable for cannabis.

Fourth, pay attention to pH. You may be one of the lucky ones who can get away with not paying attention to pH but this is crucial to healthy plant growth. Proper pH is essential for cannabis plants to absorb certain nutrients.

The optimal soil pH is 6 to 7 while the optimal pH for hydroponics is 5.5 to 6.5. By ensuring the root pH is in the optimum range, you will save yourself from lots of problems and your plants will grow a lot healthier and faster.

Finally, when it comes to nutes, think twice about fancy, expensive bottles. A lot of expensive nutes comes with big claims but don’t really deliver anything.

In the end, it’s more cost-effective to stick with a simple nutrient system which can deliver the same nutrients for a lot less. Sticking to basic nutrient systems from trusted companies will give novice growers better results.

What other tips in growing cannabis can you think of?

Happy growing!

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