Best Reflective Material for Grow Rooms

Growing cannabis at home can be an exciting and immersive experience, but to get the best from your efforts, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment along with the right seeds.

Although an important aspect of cannabis growing, the best reflective material for grow rooms can often be overlooked, especially among those growing cannabis for the first time.

Taking some time out to consider the best reflective material for grow rooms not only ensures you are getting the most from your harvest but also ensures you are not overspending.

Finding the Best Reflective Material for Grow Rooms: Why Is It Important?

Although there are plenty of lighting options available for cannabis growing, they will all incur some form of cost. This is especially true when using lights that emulate tropical settings, so those growing cannabis will want to ensure they get the full value of their crop.

As the name implies, using reflective material allows cannabis growers to make the most of the light in a grow room by diverting it back onto the plants in an effective way. 

Reflective Material For Grow Room
Reflective Material For Grow Room

Without reflective material, the light would escape, meaning there would be a lot more expense regarding power.

Using reflective material also ensures cannabis growing is discreet. Although legal, there are times when people want to enjoy cannabis growing without having to explain themselves. Utilizing the best reflective material for grow rooms ensures that bright light is not escaping from your grow room.

A further benefit is that reflective material ensures that no parts of the plants are neglected regarding light, ensuring that you always get the most value from your cannabis seeds.

Can You Use Mirrors in a Grow Room?

Given the reflective properties of mirrors, it is not unusual for some to consider them the best reflective material for grow rooms, but this is not the case. Although using mirrors in grow rooms can have some benefits, it will do more harm than good in the long term.

The reason for this is attributed to the type of light that mirrors omit. In the case of mirrors, this will be infrared light, which also means the plants could be overexposed to heat. As there is no control over the direction of the lighting, it can also mean areas of the plant are burned.

Installing Mirror In Grow Room
Installing Mirror In Grow Room

Although many strains thrive in hot climates, there is still a danger of overdoing and drying the plant out, making your growing efforts fruitless.

Ensuring you find the best reflective material for grow rooms in the first instance ensures you are not having to spend more money than needed, and more importantly, ensures you enjoy the experience.

Finding the Best Reflective Material for Grow Rooms: What Factors Need to be Considered?

The reason there can be so much confusion regarding the best reflective material for a grow room is because everyone has a preferred way. To determine what type of reflective material is best suited, you need to be aware of the options available.

Aluminum Foil

In the early days of cannabis growing, aluminum foil could be considered the go-to reflective material for grow rooms, but a lot has changed over the years. Aluminum foil continues to yield benefits regarding grow rooms, but there are products available that are better suited to the role.

Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Foil

To get the most from aluminum foil, growers must ensure that the shiny side of the soil is facing outwards. While not the most effective material for grow rooms, aluminum foil for your grow room is ideal for emergencies, and still helps amplify the number of light plants receives throughout their growing cycle.


At first glance, mylar looks like aluminum foil but offers more benefits. Mylar is a reflective polyester material that allows growers to retain up to 98% of light and heat, which is no easy feat.

It would be easy to assume that something that offers cannabis growers the perfect grow room would be expensive, but mylar is inexpensive. Although you can expect to pay more for mylar, you can expect value for money, making it worthwhile.


Foylon is another reflective material that can cause confusion due to the similarity. While it shares many benefits, Foylon is more durable. Not only can home growers benefit from light retention of up to 95%, but they can also be confident that lengthy grows will not falter to the durability of Foylon.

White Paint
White Paint

White Paint

White paint can help create space in a small room and ensure that light is evenly reflected. Those wanting to use a cabinet or large room will find that white paint can yield many benefits when used as reflective material.

White paint can retain up to 95% of light, and when used in alignment with other methods, can help ensure you get the most from your cannabis cultivation.

Are There Weed Strains Best Suited to Reflective Material?

As cannabis growers become more experienced, they will learn a multitude of skills that will help them get the most from each crop, regardless of the strain they grow.

Different strains can benefit from different growing methods, but reflective material is ideal for indoor growers wanting to emulate the tropical settings of popular strains that include, but are not limited to, the following.

Agent Orange Strain

Agent Orange is a strain that loves the sun, regardless of whether it is grown indoors or outdoors. The zesty plant delivers an uplifting high, and growers can see results as soon as eight weeks with the right lighting in place.

The hybrid delivers 45% Indica and 55% sativa and can offer THC levels of up to 19%. The Agent Orange Feminized Seeds ensures success is at the core of each crop.

Agent Orange Seed Properties

Plant type45% Indica 55% Sativa
CBDInsignificant amounts
Grow DifficultyModerate
ClimateIndoors | Steppe | Mold Resistant
Plant sizeTall
Flowering Time8 weeks
Yields14-17 oz per 3x3ft
Best Reflective Material For Grow Rooms

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  • 45% Indica 55% Sativa  
  • THC levels up to 19%
  • Flowering time 8 weeks

White Widow CBD Strain

Although many enjoy the psychoactive effect THC offers, some may be searching for a strain more focused on relaxation. Fortunately, this is exactly what White Widow CBD delivers.

As the name suggests, the White Widow CBD delivers plenty of CBD, and a long-lasting buzz that ensures clarity remains while stress is omitted.

White Widow CBD Seed Properties

Plant type60% Indica 40% Sativa
Grow DifficultyEasy
ClimateIndoors | Temperate | Mediterranean | Steppe
Plant sizeAverage
Flowering Time9 weeks
Yields18 oz per 3x3ft
Best Reflective Material For Grow Rooms

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  • 60% Indica 40% Sativa  
  • THC levels up to 6%-9%
  • Very easy to grow plants

Blue Haze Strain

Blue Haze is a strain that brings the qualities of the outdoor world and combines them with a euphoric and relaxing sensation.

It is also another strain that prospers in hot weather, so those wanting to make the most of the best reflective material for grow rooms will find everything they are looking for and more with Blue Haze. 

Harvesting can take a little longer than other strains, but this is generally a couple of weeks, and the additional waiting is often worth it. Blue Haze Feminized Seeds allow cannabis cultivators to grow strains that evoke fruity notes and can be grown easily by seasoned growers and newcomers.

Blue Haze Properties

Plant type20% Indica 80% Sativa
CBDInsignificant amount
Grow DifficultyModerate
ClimateIndoors | Mediterranean | Continental
Plant sizeAverage
Flowering Time10 weeks
Yields14-17 oz per 3x3ft
Best Reflective Material For Grow Rooms

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  • 20% Indica 80% Sativa  
  • THC levels up to 20%
  • Flowering time is 10 weeks

Heavy Hitters Mix Strain

Those new to growing cannabis are advised to start with one plant. However, those who have started their cannabis journey may be looking for more options when growing cannabis at home.

Using a professional seed supplier ensures you have plenty of options in this regard, including the Heavy Hitters Mix.

Seed suppliers know the importance of choice and inspiration, especially regarding cannabis growing, which is why there are options like the Heavy Hitters Mix.

This powerful pack of seeds includes

Best Reflective Material For Grow Rooms

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  • Blue Dream feminized  
  • Gorilla Glue feminized
  • MK Ultra feminized


Whether you are new to growing cannabis or simply searching for ways to improve your current growing technique, then the combination of the best reflective material for grow rooms and the best cannabis seeds ensure you are on the right footing when harvesting cannabis.

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