Bergman’s Plant Food for Healthy Cannabis Plants

There is so much more that goes into cultivating a successful marijuana crop. The conditions have to be right, and those conditions have to be properly maintained. With all of the work that goes into it, you always want to have some extra magic to use when you need it. One of those magic products from is Bergman’s Plant Food marijuana fertilizer set.

Bergman’s Plant Food Marijuana Fertilizer Set

This is a great four-piece set to help marijuana growers cultivate amazing plants by helping to give them everything they need.

Each part of the set has a specific job during the life of the plant. As a marijuana plant matures and goes through its different stages, it will require different care and nutrients. Each one of the fertilizers in this set is meant to give the plants exactly what they need during a particular time in their growth.

bergman's plant food

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Seedling Fertilizer

This is the perfect jump start for your plants. This blend of nutrients is meant just for young plants as it will help to create strong, healthy roots and encourage growth from the very beginning.

Growtime Fertilizer

This nutrient blend is meant to help not only protect the plants from disease but also helps to fortify and enhance the soil. This next step in the fertilizer set helps to reinforce what was started with the seedling fertilizer by continuing to strengthen the roots as well as improving the microbial activity.

a cannabis seedling

Flowertime Fertilizer

This piece of the fertilizer set is to be used throughout the flowering period. This fertilizer brings power with potassium and nitrogen. Nitrogen is important for promoting flower and foliage growth while potassium stimulates the production of potent and strong buds. This fertilizer focuses on potassium with a very high potassium concentration.

Plant Booster

The plant booster is meant to be used during the vegetative state just before the plants begin to flower to stimulate flowering. This one is another way to bolster nutrient retention and a strong root system as the plants head into the flowering period.

marijuana plants in vegetative stage

This set is an all-around fertilizer set that is going to help the grower help their plants be all they can be. Because of the great packaging that this set comes in, the fertilizers will stay good for about a year. It is recommended that they be used within this timeframe. There is enough in this set to feed 5 plants from start to finish.

Bergman’s Plant Food Feeding Schedule

One of the best parts about this set is that it comes with a feeding schedule. This schedule helps you to understand how much to use and how to properly use it. It may be an amazing product but if it is not used properly or at the right time the grower is not going to get the full effects of what this fertilizer set can do.

Other Things to Remember

This is not a product that you can just use with your plants, and it works automatically. Several things will need to be done or conditions will need to be met for the full potential of Bergman’s plant food to be seen.

  • This set is meant to help to reverse or minimize deficiencies in soil and conditions. It may not be necessary if your conditions and soil are just the way they need to be. The grower needs to have a good grasp of the medium that they are growing in and when it is ready to be used.
  • When growing in soil, pH is very important. The optimum pH for nutrient absorption and retention is between 6 and 7. If the pH is not right, the plant will not be able to properly absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer.
  • Lastly, overfeeding is a thing. That is why Bergman’s plant food feeding schedule is so important because it tells the grower exactly how much and exactly when to use it.
Hands planting young plants in soil
Do not overdo nutrients

Final Thoughts

Don’t just take my word for it, head over to and check out Bergman’s plant food reviews to see for yourself what others are saying. This is one of the things that makes great. It is not just a seed bank; it is so much more for their customers. It is a one-stop shop for everything that cannabis growers need.

Don’t forget all of the other things that make great like:

  • The discrete package because nosy neighbors don’t need to know what you are getting in the mail
  • The 100% money back guarantee on products
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bergman's plant food

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