A Newbie’s White Widow Grow Strain

White Widow cannabis is one of the most resilient marijuana strains.

This plant is fairly resistant to diseases, withstands warm climates, and can be grown in indoor controlled environments.

Why is the White Widow a favorite among newbie growers?

If you don’t have a lot of space, the White Widow is a god choice. This short cannabis strain doesn’t grow taller than 4 feet but can still produce up to 18 ounces of usable marijuana per square meter after completing a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks.

Cultivating White Widow plants outdoors will give you slightly more: up to 21 ounces of usable cannabis per plant. Just remember to harvest toward the end of October.

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First-time growers can also experiment with using a Sea of Green cultivation method because this strain will be able to tolerate whatever punishment you decide to dish out.

This grow journal documents the cultivation of 5 White Widow autoflowers from ILGM, and starts from the 22nd day from sprout.

Grower: MysterA
Yield: 238.19 grams or 8.51 ounces (dried)
Location: NA

February 28th

The young girls are 22 days old today. One of the leaves on the back middle plant is a little messed up after being hit with some soil.

The ladies also started getting some minor heat problems before an exhaust system was installed. Right now, the tent temperature is around 85 degrees F.

tent temperature

You can’t really tell in the picture but the front mid plant is a little stunted compared to the others. She’s the last one to be transplanted but she seems to have fully recovered now.

March 1st

Here are the girls today!

There are a couple of rust-colored spots and a weird curling in one of the plants. Those aren’t really noticeable.

The lights were also lowered but were raised again because the plants started showing some signs of LED light burn.


March 3rd

Here’s one of the girls at 25 days old.

25 days old

Since this is a newbie’s first grow, they’ll be allowed to grow naturally without LST. These White Widows are so compact that it’s difficult to figure out where to bend.

March 7th

Today marks their 29th day from sprout.

Even without LST, these plants are spreading and producing a lot of bud sites. The White Widow strain is strong enough to be able to develop even without a lot of attention.

without LST

March 11th

One of the plants in the picture got a touch of nutrient burn. Too much of a good thing can be quite harmful too.

Check them out at 34 days from sprout!

34 days from sprout

By the way, these plants are in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil with about 25 percent perlite mixed in. The nutrient mix is half-strength Fox Farms Trio.

They are under two 600W LEDs. With the humidifier, daytime humidity is at 25% and nighttime humidity is at 50%. Temperatures is 68 and 78 degrees F during daytime and nighttime respectively.

March 16th

Two of the plants are considerably taller (both 19 inches) than the others. The 3 other plants are around 11 and 14 inches so they were moved around in the tent to receive more light.

The tent’s interior looks a little goofy now but it is what it is. Looks like the plants are different ages now but they are all the same.

little goofy

These photos immortalize the plants which are 38 days from sprout.

March 27th

49 days from sprout and they’re still looking nice. Some of the side stems have dark brownish-reddish color.

dark brownish-reddish

April 18th

Here are some photos: one of each plant at 71 days!

They may have ran into some problems but these are taken care of for the most part. Trichomes are still mostly clear but some are starting to turn cloudy.

turn cloudy
turn cloudy

They should have less than 2 weeks left. It’s not like everything can sneak to amber overnight.

May 3rd

Harvest took place 86 days after they sprouted from soil!

they sprouted

May 4th

Now they’re just hanging around. Here’s a plastic bottle for a better perspective of how big these buds are!

hanging around

May 19th

The total dry weight off the 5 White Widows without LST is 238.19 grams or 8.51 ounces. That’s an average of 1.7 ounces per plant!

The smallest plant produced 33 grams and the biggest put out 65 grams. Not bad for someone who doesn’t know much at all!

Grower: MysterA
Yield: 238.19 grams or 8.51 ounces (dried)
Location: NA

This novice grower started out with the right decision to choose White Widow seeds from ILGM. These seeds are perfect for beginners but even a beginner can still mess up.

Choosing White Widow seeds from ILGM eliminates all the diseases and bugs that come from a clone. Moreover, growing from cuttings is recommended for more experienced growers.

Beginners might end up with a disaster! You’re better off buying ILGM White Widow seeds and start growing from scratch.

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Another approach which worked in this grow is simply just letting the plants be. You see, weed may need up to ten days to sprout. Anxious newbies often touch, and thus destroy germinated seeds.

Too much watering will destroy the plant. Be reasonable with White Widows – or any cannabis strain for that matter. Only water when the top 2 to 3 inches of the soil are dry.

In case of hydroponics, you won’t be overwatering as long as the Rockwool cubes are not immersed in water. If you’re using a drip method, water the setup just between one and three times per day.

Start using fertilizers where the first two spiked White Widow leaves sprout. Follow the recommended amount on the label but start with 25% and increase whenever the plan looks like it can tolerate more.

And finally, many newbie growers are impatient and harvest too quickly.

Even when the buds are already large and look nice, give them another couple of weeks because they will grow by 25%.

Once the buds have totally stopped growing and more than half of the pistils turned amber, then it’s the right time to harvest your White Widow plants.

Was your first grow also with White Widow plants?

Happy growing!

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