6 Pieces Of Stoner Gear No Stoner Should Be Without

Do you have all these pieces of stoner gear?

If not you’d better hurry up and acquire them, because these are all pieces of stoner gear that any self respecting stoner should know better than do without.

Water Piece of Some Type

One of the most crucial pieces of stoner gear is the waterpipe, aka a bong or bubbler.

Every stoner should own at least one bong or one bubbler, in addition to their favorite spoon pipe.

There are some times when you just want the smooth taste and satisfying gurgling noise of a water piece. Now as to what type you should get, that’s up to you.


Another important piece of stoner gear that no stoner should be without is their trusty grinder.

Grinders are a must no matter what type of piece you prefer to smoke out of. The reason why is because grinders make your herb hit easier.

Think about every time you’ve tried to smoke a bowl with a large nug just jammed into the pipe. How did that work? Did you end up torching the weed?

That’s what I thought. So yes, you definitely need a grinder. There are many different types of grinders, what you’ll probably want is something multi-chambered so you can catch kief with it.

grinder piece of stoner gear no stoner should do without

One Hitter

Ah yes, the one hitter, aka chillem. Everyone should have a chillem: they’re easy to pack around, they conserve weed, they come in many shapes and colors, also some of them are cute as hell!

I am pretty much constantly smoking weed, so when I’m smoking by myself, I’m not going to always want to load a giant bowl in my bong. I’m going to conserve and use a one hitter.

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Dab Pen

Dab pens are great to have around for a number of reasons and they are definitely a piece of stoner gear that no stoner should do without.

They allow you to toke up surreptitiously, you only need a couple hits to get a proper buzz on, they’re super convenient to carry in a purse or pocket, and they’re easily shared with friends.

They’re less messy to deal with than dry herb vapes or sneak a tokes because you just have to switch out cartridges in many cases.

Stash Jar

You might not think that a stash jar is an essential piece of stoner gear, but you’ve got to have a good place for storing your stash.

Storing it in a plastic baggie is without a doubt the worst place for you to store it. You know exactly what is going to happen.

It’s going to dry up and crumble all to hell. The rest of the bag turns into shake, and your herb loses its potency.

This is why every stoner should have a good stash jar or a stash tin. Your herb stays fresh longer, and doesn’t lose its potency.

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