5 Tips For Throwing The Dankest Halloweed Party Ever!

Halloween is less than 2 weeks away, which means it’s time to start planning the perfect Halloweed party.

What makes the perfect Halloweed party? Is it the costumes? Maybe it’s the munchies? The music?

The answer: all of the above! Follow these tips for throwing the dankest Halloweed party of all time!

First, Make the Guest List

Hopefully you’ve already done this, but the first thing you want to do to throw a dank Halloweed party is to make the perfect guest list.

The guest list is especially important because you’re going to have a lot of weed at this party.

Make absolutely sure that anyone that you invite is cool with that and won’t try to rat you out.

Make sure you don’t invite anyone who will steal your goodies. Who am I kidding, you don’t hang out with anyone like that, right?

Make Sure There Are Plenty Of Treats

No Halloweed party would be complete without plenty of edibles! If you want to go the more expensive, but easier route, you can always just hit up your local dispensary.

If you’re not made of money and don’t have or want to spend the funds, you can always make some tasty treats yourself!

A little bit of weed butter will go a long way! Of course, not everything you serve should have weed in it; make sure you provide plenty of munchies too!

Let’s Not Forget Party Favors!

A dank Halloweed party needs plenty of dank party favors! So, what can you offer?

Why not some dank buds? Buy some of those plastic toy capsules that you get out of those quarter machines at the supermarket and place a nug in each one.

Hand them out to guests as they arrive, or give them out as prizes.

The best Halloweed party I went to had a piñata that was not only filled with candy, but tiny bottles of liquor and nugs of weed in those little bubble containers.

halloweed party weed gummies

Provide the Pieces

Any successful Halloweed party will have plenty of pieces to smoke from, and you’d better do the same!

Be sure to have plenty of different types of pieces to choose from, such as bongs, pipes, really anything you think your guests would want.

For a large party like this, you won’t want to bust out your really nice glass. Instead, provide cheap glass bongs, acrylic, or one of my new favorites: silicone.

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Silicone bongs make excellent party pieces because they’re indestructible, and they don’t have that weird taste like acrylic bongs do.

If you don’t have a lot of pieces you can spare, you can always make sure you have plenty of joints on hand.

Either roll a bunch, or just go buy a bunch of pre-rolls from your friendly neighborhood dispensary.

Lastly, the Costume

Last, but certainly not least is the costume. As the host, you’re going to want to put some time and effort into your costume to add to the party atmosphere.

There are tons of great ideas for Halloweed party costumes on sites like Pinterest.

If you’re strapped for cash and ideas, and need to focus your resources on the party, check out some of these ideas for inexpensive and easy Halloweed costumes here!

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