5 Steps For Choosing The Right Grinder

Every stoner knows that choosing the right grinder is very important to the smoking experience.

How well you grind up your herb determines how well your bowl smokes.

Choosing the wrong grinder can lead to all kinds of things, including a substandard smoking experience, which no one wants So, how do you go about choosing the right grinder?

Avoid Plastic

Plastic grinders are pretty terrible, at least in my opinion.

My first grinder was this terrible plastic one that I picked up super cheap from a head shop in Venice Beach.

Though the trip to Venice itself was fun, I really wish that I had spent a little more money on a metal grinder.

Plastic grinders work great when you first get them. Well, not great, but adequate.

The teeth wear out and break pretty easily on plastic grinders, so you end up having to replace them pretty often.

Get a Multi Chambered Grinder

When it comes to choosing the right grinder, multi chambered grinders are the way to go. Why is this?

Because they collect kief for you!

Collecting kief is something that every self respecting stoner should do.

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Kief is the most potent part of the plant, that is before THC is extracted and made into concentrates.

Kief can be used for a number of things, including pressing into hash, topping off a bowl, and it can be used for baking. Get a good grinder that can save your kief.

Electric Grinders are Not Great

You might be tempted to get an electric grinder because they sound easy to use and require minimal effort.

The truth is that electric grinders are not all that great.

They tend to break easily, never fully grind your weed all the way, and require a lot more maintenance and cleaning than a typical grinder should. Put in the extra effort to grind your herb yourself.

GR8TR-Kannastor choosing the right grinder

Go With a Trusted Brand

As with most things, when it comes to choosing the right grinder, you should go with a trusted brand, i.e., one that has been around for a while, that you have heard your friends raving about.

Of course, the Kannastor GR8R  series is probably the best grinders there are, but you can always rely on a Santa Cruz Shredder to get the job done.

Always Read the Reviews

People leave reviews for a reason, and you should always read the reviews when choosing the right grinder.

Naturally the site is always going to tell you that their grinders are the best ever.

If you want to hear the truth you have to go to the people who are actually using the product.

Always read the reviews, especially the bad ones. Don’t always take the bad reviews at face value though. The customer could just be really pissed off at the company.

Follow all these steps, and you should have no trouble choosing the right grinder!

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