5 Smart Comedies for Stoners

We all like a good stoner comedy, but I’ve noticed as I get older that the traditional comedies meant  for stoners are not that great.

They tend to rely on tired stoner tropes, cliched sight gags, and just don’t do anything for your brain.

Movies like Harold and Kumar Go to Space or Something and the entire catalog of Seth Rogen are good for a laugh but that’s about it.

As a thinking person’s cannabis enthusiast I prefer to go for these smart stoner comedies.

Keep in mind when I’m referring to stoner comedies, I’m not just referring to movies about stoners. I also mean movies that are great to watch when you’re high.

The Big Lebowski

The Coen brother’s classic 1998 film The Big Lebowski has everything that any stoner could want: classic rock, endless doobie jokes, and of course John Goodman.

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There’s also the magic touch of Coen weirdness. This movie is filled with what remain some of my favorite one liners of all time.

Jeff Bridges’ hapless protagonist Jeffrey Lebowski will have you pondering the deeper meanings of life.

Dazed and Confused

Richard Linklater’s high school stoner classic not only introduced the world to Matthew McConaughey, it also introduced the world to one of the most amazing soundtracks of all time.

Foghat, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Kiss, and even Bob Dylan give life to this story of a group of high school students on the last day of school in 1976.

The smart and sardonic coming of age story will make you both pine for your high school days, and be glad they are behind you.

smart stoner comedies Friday
No list of stoner comedies would be complete without Friday. Image Source: lovebscott.com

The Royal Tenenbaums

This Wes Anderson film about the world’s most dysfunctional family combines a killer soundtrack with an incisive wit that will make you cackle, especially after a few bong rips.

Royal Tenenbaums doesn’t have much weed smoking in the movie itself, but it’s still one of the best stoner comedies out there.

I consider The Royal Tenenbaums to be the thinking man’s stoner comedy. Also, it’s got Bill Murray, and who doesn’t love him?


On the surface this stoner comedy about life in the ‘hood might seem surfacey, but there is a great deal of social commentary about poverty, criminal justice reform, and of course, racism.

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On the lighter side, there is also all the smoke you can handle. This is the best movie to watch on a lazy Saturday morning when you’ve got a couple hours to roll a few joints and languish on the couch.

What the Bleep Do We Know?

This documentary from the early aughts isn’t a comedy per se, but the observations made in this movie will definitely make you chuckle, particularly after some especially potent dabs.

It’s a documentary/ fictional story about a photographer’s quest toward spiritual enlightenment, spliced with footage of famous scientists speaking on the subject of quantum physics.

There is no cannabis in this movie, but it’s a must for any indica intellectual.

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