5 Delightful Details You Maybe Didn’t Know About Dabs

Everyone loves dabbing (or most everyone), the act of vaporizing cannabis concentrates and inhaling them through a water piece similar to a bong.

While you no doubt know what dabs are, how much do you really know about them? Do you know anything about the extraction process, for instance?

Did you know that dabs, aka cannabis concentrates have been around for a lot longer than you think, like thousands of years?

Here are some delightful facts that you maybe didn’t know about dabs.

They Can Cause Visuals

Dabs, aka concentrates are much stronger than dried cannabis flower, much, much stronger as a matter of fact.

As such, you can expect the effects of doing a dab to be considerably stronger than simply smoking a bowl.

Some people have reported getting mild to heavy visuals after taking some good sized dabs.

Some people might consider this more of a liability, but it sounds like a great time to me.

Dabs Are Healthier For You Than Flower

Dabs are as a matter of fact, much healthier for you than flower, though you may not think this is the case at first.

This is because all of the plant matter has been removed during the extraction process.

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Smoking the plant matter via combustion (which is what you do with the lighter) involves inhaling carcinogens like tar and ash.

When doing dabs, you are not inhaling all that nasty crap into your lungs, just pure THC goodness.

There Are Other Ways To Make Dabs Than Using Butane

When most people think of making concentrates, they are most likely thinking of the butane extraction method (BHO).

This is one of the more difficult extraction processes. There are many different extraction processes for making concentrates.

For instance, you can use ethanol, which has actually been around longer than BHO.

There’s also CO₂ extraction, which is most of the true aficionado’s preferred extraction method. When it comes to extraction, you have plenty of tools at your disposal.

Despite What They Say, You Still Cannot OD and Die From Dabs

All over the local news you’re probably seeing “reports” of the “dangers of dabs” and people ODing on taking too many dabs and going into a “weed psychosis”.

While some people are prone to having bad reactions to weed, but most people when they take dabs will be just fine. It’s all about knowing your limits.

If it’s your first time doing dabs, then don’t take more than one.

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You Will Love Them As Soon As You Try Them!

Seriously, once you try dabs, you will be hard pressed to go back to smoking flower.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy packing a bowl the old fashioned way with some delicious dank, but once you try dabs, you’ll be hard pressed to go back to smoking the old fashioned way.

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