5 Best Ways Of Getting Exercise After Getting Baked!

Have you gotten onboard with the latest fitness trend, that is getting baked before working out?

If not, then you really should try it out! Word on the street is that working out after getting baked gets you higher by enhancing the effects of THC, as well as CBD.

Best ways of getting exercise after getting high

Think about it. Michael Phelps is the most decorated athlete in Olympic history and he’s also a huge stoner.

So, there’s got to be something to it, right?

This is one of the things we would be studying if it weren’t impossible to research cannabis in the US! Anyhow, here are the best workouts to complement your high.


Yoga is an amazing exercise to do when you’re baked.

For one, it really relaxes you, so on top of smoking some Bubba Kush, you’re going to feel probably the most relaxed you will feel in your life.

This is great for cleaning out the cobwebs and re-centering your mind, something which yoga does in the first place.

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There are certain strains of weed, such as Gorilla Glue #4 which make you feel as though you are melting into your couch.

As you can imagine, it makes you limber as hell, perfect for doing some of the stretches required to do a good yoga session.

Riding a Bike

Going on a bicycle ride after getting baked is one of the most enjoyable activities ever, especially if you live in a really cool, bicycle friendly city.

When I first started smoking weed, one of my favorite things to do was get on my bike and ride down to the Huntington Beach pier.

There’s nothing better than riding along next to the ocean when you’re high! Bike rides are great because you get plenty of exercise, and see some cool sites along the way!

riding a bike exercise after getting baked


Sex burns a lot of calories, and more importantly it’s really fun to do after getting baked.

Smoking weed not only enhances the emotional connection you feel with someone when you’re getting down, it also enhances physical pleasure.

There are many strains that will help enhance your sexual experience, including some that even act as a type of aphrodisiac (more on that later).


Jogging is great cardio and as such it’s a great exercise to do after getting baked.

Jogging is one of the greatest solitary exercises you can do, and a great way to clear your mind, which I find a lot easier to do when I’m high.

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Note that smoking weed does raise your heart rate a bit, so be mindful of this when performing any type of cardio exercise.


Swimming is so unbelievably fun to do when you’re baked. Like Michael Phelps, I too feel like I am a better swimmer when I’m high.

I’m not his caliber of course, but it is great to be in the water when you’re baked. You get plenty of cardio, and you don’t get overheated!

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