5 Benefits Of Going Hydroponic

If you’re struggling with the decision of what method to use when growing your next crop, it might be a good idea for you to try going hydroponic! Read on to find out why!

No Soil!

One of the biggest advantages to going hydroponic is that you don’t have to deal with soil anymore.

Growing in soil is one of the tried and true methods for growing cannabis, but it can be quite the pain in the ass.


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For one, when you grow in soil, you have less control over your grow. Going hydroponic, you can ensure that light reaches all areas of the plant.

Not to mention, it’s also easier to control the temperature of your grow as well.

No Drowning or Dry Spots Roots

Going hydroponic means you’ll never have to worry about your roots drowning, or drying out.

Because growing in a hydroponic set up means that you regain complete control over your setup, ensuring that water reaches all sides of the plant.

When your roots aren’t submerged, it is of course much easier to avoid drowning them too.

There’s No Need to Re-pot!

What is one of the most irritating things about growing in soil, and one of the biggest advantages of going hydroponic? Why, it’s repotting of course!

Repotting is one of the most difficult and the most tedious parts of the growing process.

When growing in a hydroponic setup, obviously there is no need to re-pot, thus enabling you to spend time on other worthy pursuits, such as binge watching Netflix.

benefits of going hydro 2

Easier to Spot and Control Diseases and Pests

Going hydroponic gives you a better vantage point over your plants. Naturally, this means you’re able to inspect them more often and more thoroughly.

Since you’re able to inspect all those hard to see and hard to reach places, this leaves you able to better spot pests or signs of disease!

This means that you’re more likely to spot diseased plants and pests earlier and be able to thus eradicate them and salvage your crops!

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Easy to Hide!

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of going hydroponic is that your plants are much easier to conceal when you need to keep your grow on the down low.

Not only are they easier to hide, but the crop takes up a lot less space. This helps with both the hiding aspect, as well as giving your crop more places to breathe.

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