4 Top Shelf Celebrity Weed Brands

Celebrity weed brands are all the rage right now, but with so many choices on the market, how are you supposed to know which ones are the best?

Is Snoop Dogg Pounds really the best celebrity stoner brand for glass, or is the Cheech and Chong line the better bet?

What about herb? Is Marley Natural the place to go for good green, or is Willie Nelson’s Willie’s Reserve the last destination for dank buds?

Marley Natural

Of course this list of celebrity weed brands would not be complete without Bob Marley’s Marley Natural.

Launched in 2016, Marley Natural partnered with cannabis giant Privateer Holdings.

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Celebrity Weed Brands

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The brand uses the late singer’s face and name on a variety of cannabis products including smoking accessories, topicals infused with hemp, and of course, some delicious, delicious herb.

Marley Natural is all grown entirely in the USA, but uses strains that were originally cultivated in Jamaica.

Willie’s Reserve

Straight from the red headed stranger himself comes Willie’s Reserve.

Nelson’s celebrity weed brand is made up of medical strains grown by him and his crew.

Nelson has said in the past that the brand is supposed to be a reflection of all the years he spent high. We salute you Willie! *takes bong rip*

Leafs by Snoop

Not including Snoop Dogg on a list of top shelf celebrity weed brands would be an utter travesty.

Leafs by Snoop is widely considered to be the best of the top shelf celebrity endorsed cannabis products. You can see why too, just from looking at the packaging.

Leafs by Snoop top shelf celebrity weed brands

Chong’s Choice

After successfully battling colon cancer, Tommy Chong went on to create Chong’s Choice, a selection of choice chiva personally endorsed by the Chong himself.

Chong’s Choice uses Chong’s name to promote the dankest buds you can find from sometimes completely unknown growers.

How is that Celebrity Glass?

To be honest, celebrity glass is not all that great as far as celebrity weed brands go.

Chong’s Choice is one of the finest weed brands out there, but their glass line is overpriced to be perfectly honest.

For the best quality glass, you need glass artists and brands like Roor and G-Spot.

One brand that you should give a try though is the Trailer Park Boys line of silicone bongs, aka “silibongs” are pretty dope.

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