4 Reasons You Should Be Cleaning Your Bong More Often

Cleaning a bong is one of the less fun parts about owning one.

Dirty bongs smell bad and they get gunk all up in the hard to reach spots that you really, really have to work at.

As much as you hate cleaning your bong, chances are you’re not doing it as often as you should. Here’s why you should be cleaning your bong more often.

How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Bong?

How often should I be cleaning your bong, you might wonder.

The answer is: more than often than you are. You should be cleaning out your bong right after you use it.

By that I mean immediately. I know it seems like a hassle. After all, you’re all stoned and that’s the last thing you want to do, right?

Dirty Bongs Stink

Dirty bongs smell really bad. Think about the smell of stagnant water, mixed with the smell of an ashed bowl.

Now multiply that by about one hundred. That’s how bad your bong stinks. What makes dirty bong water stink so bad?

Well, what happens to stagnant water? It collects bacteria.

Think about how nasty that bacteria gets in an enclosed container like a bong or a bubbler. Gross. Clean that bong!

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Cleaning Your Bong

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Dirty Bongs Taste Gross

Nothing ruins the taste of dank buds more than the foul taste of a bong that needs to be cleaned.

You’re paying money for top shelf herb, which calls for a top shelf smoking environment.

Back when I started smoking weed, better herb was more difficult to come by and everyone smoked from cheap acrylic and glass bongs, and we didn’t care all that much about keeping our pieces pristine.

Now of course, things have changed and our smoking devices are a lot fancier and more complicated than they used to be. We care about keeping our pieces fresh and our dank tasting fresher.

Cleaning Your Bong

Dirty Bongs are Harder to Clean

If you really want to make the process of cleaning your bong a lot easier, then you shouldn’t let all the resin, mold and filth build up.

Rinse your bong out with warm water each time you use it, or throw it in the dishwasher if you can. You’ll never have issues keeping it clean again.

Dirty Bongs Have Nasty Bacteria

The number one reason that you should be cleaning your bong more often is one that we mentioned before: bacteria.

Some of the nastiest bacteria you can imagine could be (and is most likely) growing in your bong.

I’m talking about microfilm. Microfilm bacteria is the cause of a number of health conditions and it starts growing in your bong after only 22 hours! You don’t want to inhale this nastiness.

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